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We are a fast growing international supplier of green energy products. We provide alternative green energy solutions for both residential and business customers. We focus on the sales fo rlow carbon solar LED street light, solar heating systems, wind solar hybrid systems,small hydro turbine generators, natural gas generators and other green energy products. By providing multiple product offerings, systems can be customized for each unique situation.

The cost of using fossil fuels is on the rise. In order to help customers live a low-carbon life, we assist customers to navigate the process of “going green.” We’ll be there for you from the initial idea to final commissioning and provide prompt service to ensure that you have many wonderful years of renewable energy.

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Http://www.sunecochina.com LED Street lights, micro hydro power, solar hot water heating system, natural gas generator, solar wind hybrid power system, solar street lights, solar garden lights, Heat Pump Supply (Air source heat pump, water source heat pump, geothermal heat pumps).

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We are professional solution provider, we have our own design and turnkey/DIY solutions for you.
We have our R & D team in China.
We have our import/export/logistics team.
Our team in China can act as your purchasing agent in China.
Your ONE-STOP renewable energy products supplier!
Solution for sourcing and importing all kinds of renewable energy products in China!
Solution for third-party inspection, taking 100% responsibility for inspected goods!
Solution for local law information for investment and purchasing!!!


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Email: suneco@126.com

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