We have grid -tied solar power system and simple small solar power kits for house use.


small solar power kit

EASY & SIMPLE solar power kit

Easy & Simple as a kind of philosophy plays a more and more important role to the solar PV industry.

  1. Simplify complex issues, create products easy and simple for customers.

the off-grid solar PV systems (mainly the household use systems) were far from professional on the market, all of them were DIY kinds which brought a lot of trouble to the solar power system’s assemble, customer’s operation and the maintenance especially imported far from china.


  1. Easy and simple for the other aspects as principle In the following developing way down, we follow and spread the idea and develop out many series of products, part of them are the whole kit which are plug and play, easy to us and maintain, part of them are light with battery connected external for easy transportation, connection, operation and maintenance.


  1. Easy& simple becomes as our soul and philosophy As advantage’s coming up, our business has significantly increased and our company stands out on this field. On one hand, we make more investment to the research and development, making sure the offering of the significant product, On the other hand, we are also building the packaged and efficient service to other important distributors and customers, aim at helping them to become professional in one week and build their own brand in a short time to prior break into and seize the huge market.