400w Wind Generator System

400w Wind Generator System

Model ECO-400W
Power Output: 400w
Rotor diameter 1.9m
Output Voltage (DC) 24 V


We introduce you our 400w wind generator system which uses solar panel and wind turbine to convert solar energy and wind energy into electricity, thus providing energy source for street lamp systems.

The system is also called wind solar hybrid street lamp system.

This wind generator system produces a rated power of 400w. By utilizing natural sources like sunlight and wind, this system requires no electricity supply and no day-to-day running costs and produces zero pollution.

Hence, it is totally environmentally friendly.

The rated power, solar panel and light pole height, etc. can be made according to actual circumstances. The 400w wind generator system is an economical substitute for conventional street lamp system, and is weatherproof and maintenance free.

Due to these, it is now extensively used in industrial parks, factory plants, high grade housing estates, parks, golf courses, and more.

To make our customers better understand our wind generator system, we offer the following specification information. For more information, please contact us directly.

Rotor diameter: 1.9m
Materials of wind turbine blade: strengthened nylon
Cut-in Wind Speed: 2m/s
Working wind speed: 2.5m/s-40m/s
Rated wind speed: 7m/s
Survival wind speed: 40m/s
Rated power: 400W
Rated rotate speed: 400r/min
Suggested batteries capacity: 12V100AH 2 (PCS)
Blade quantity: 3
Generator style: Low speed, three phase permanent magnetic generator
Speed regulation: Tail turning and electric magnet
Stop method: Manual or digitalized control on anemoscope and dogvane
Tower height: 7m-12m
Light source: LED lighting
Controller system: intelligent controller
Working time: 8-12 hours/day, this wind generator system can work continuously for 5-7 days in rainy weather conditions
Output Voltage (DC): 24V

All in all, our solar and wind powered street light system provides us an economical and sustainable solution.

As a wind generator system manufacturer and supplier located in China, we can offer a wide range of products, like wind turbine controller and pure sine wave inverter, etc.

Now, our products are exported to Sweden, France, Korea, Germany, Singapore, and Italy. We hope you become one of our partners as well.

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