Why All-In-One LED Lights Are Cost Effective

While you may find hundreds and thousands of innovative light bulb solutions on the market including bulbs that react to sound and smart light bulbs if you need a simple and energy-efficient bulb for your personal use, how do you know that you’re making the right decision?

Which specific options are eco-friendly, and which ones are perfect to help you cut back on our monthly electricity bills?

Broadly, there are three types of options currently available on the market – incandescent bulbs, CFLs, and LEDs.

Incandescent bulbs are outdated typical burning bulbs that consume lots of energy and don’t last long.

CFLs, on the other hand, are not suitable for enclosed fixtures, have a prolonged warm-up time that is extremely pricey compared to incandescent lighting options.

LED lights, popularly known as all-purpose LED lights are built to last. They’re brighter, better, and consumes significantly less power than the other two discussed alternatives.

What is an LED?

A Light Emitting Diode, in the simplest terms, is a semiconductor light source that releases light when an electric current passes through it.

All-in-one LED lights offer numerous benefits over conventional light bulb options such as CFLs and incandescent bulbs.

Why All-In-One LED Lights Are Cost Effective

All-in-One LED Lights – Benefits


All-purpose LED lights are capable of generating high-intensity brightness. This is perhaps one of the biggest reasons why lots of people prefer LED lights for their personal and commercial use. On average, a 40 Watt incandescent bulb emits 450 lumens, a similar capacity CFL bulb emits 2400 lumens, while an LED bulb of the same power can release up to 4000 lumens.

Amazing Color Range

Unlike incandescent bulbs that require different types of gels and filters to emit different shades, LED lights to offer a vast array of colors and shade options without using any gel or filters. All-in-one LED lights to come with a phosphorus coating that is modified to change the shade or color of the emitted light. So, with LEDs, you can trust that it will retain its original color until the end of its lifespan.


All-purpose LED lights are extremely durable and reliable. The best thing about these lights is that they can perfectly work all year round. Yes, you read that right. Whether it’s hot or extremely cold, all-in-one LED lights can provide consistent lighting without consuming additional voltage.

Also, LED lights can easily tolerate more vibration and impact than other options because they include no filaments or other delicate or breakable parts.

This durability makes them a perfect option for people who’re exposed to temperature fluctuations, wet/abnormal climatic conditions and jostling.


We’re living in a world where resources are already scarce. Today, almost all big brands and companies prefer solutions that help them reduce their carbon footprint in one way or the other. As LED lights save energy, installing them is one of the ways you can contribute to saving our planet.

Instant Illumination

Sounds familiar, right?

You switch on the light to find something but have to wait a few seconds before you can clearly see anything.

That’s because CFLs and a few other light varieties take some time to warm up. But, that’s not the case with LEDs. Expect full-fledged bright light the moment you turn on the switch. Amazing, isn’t it?


All-purpose LED lights are designed to discharge light in a single direction rather than the complete area. This significantly reduces the amount of energy needed and prevents energy wastage.

While the general misconception about all-in-one LED lights is that they’re costly than incandescent bulbs and CFLs. Yes, you have to pay a little extra upfront but considering the long-term benefits LED lights fetch in for the users, they’re absolutely worth it. In fact, you would be surprised to know how much you can save annually if you ditch your old-school, less functional bulbs and install LEDs in your homes and offices.

Why All-in-One LED Lights are Cost Effective

1.LED Lights are Energy-Efficient

All-purpose LED lights are by far one of the most energy-efficient options available on the market. Research suggests that LED lights are 80% more efficient than its energy-soaking counterparts. It’s important to understand that the residual energy is always converted to heat that adds more and more to your electricity bill every month. Just imagine the savings you might achieve with LED lights that discharge a minimal amount of heat.

2. All-Purpose LED Lights have a Longer Lifespan

An all-purpose LED light can last up to 100,000 hours depending upon your use. This is 15 times longer than any of the traditional bulb currently installed in your home or office. When you don’t have to replace your lights over and over again, the saving is definitely well worth the initial cost.
3. All-in-One LED Lights Require Minimal Maintenance
The maintenance needs of all-in-one LED lights are substantially lower than CFLs and incandescent bulbs. As LED lights come with a large lifespan, you don’t have to change your light bulb for years and years. This, therefore, increases the cost benefit of the primary investment.

4.LED Lights Replacement Costs are Lower

As mentioned above, LED lights are built to last. They are designed to offer long-term benefit and the requirement to replace them is not as frequent as it is with other traditional options.

5.LED Lights Don’t Include Expensive Components

Compared to conventional lighting sources, LED lights contain no mercury and lead. As there are literally no poisonous elements in an LED light, its use is obviously better for our environment and health. As far as the design is concerned, LEDs do not contain filaments or any other expensive fragile parts either. Hence, once you invest in an LED light, you don’t have to worry about buying its components and parts.

6. All-Purpose LED Lights Come with Integrated Lighting Controls

All-in-one LED lights come with integrated lighting control that allows users to program the light in accordance to their requirements.

Also, LEDs are motion-activated and automatically turn off or dim when there is no movement in the area. Integrate lighting controls enable businesses to reduce energy usage by a whopping 25% or more.

All in all, all-in-one LED lights in the long run significantly reduce our financial burden. Also, they’re able to fulfill the needs of residential, commercial, as well as industrial users.