Air-to-water Heat Pumps are an excellent alternative to Geothermal systems. It offer similar or greater energy savings, without the added installation and drilling cost. With the best COP performance in its class, backed with high quality components, each heat pump unit delivers solid performance all year round -heating during the winter and cooling during the summer.

Air to Water Heat Pumps

The Suneco Buffer Tank series is designed to work with a hydronic system and will prevent short cycling. Additionally, the system is perfect for contractors who place high value on presentation as well as functionality. The Suneco Buffer tank series is built right and built to last.

  • Lower energy cost
  • Lower consumption
  • Lower greenhouse gasses
  • A Quiet DifferenceDomestic
  • Hot Water: 13 to 18 GPM @ 140℉ (60℃)Hydronic Heating: 9 to 13 GPM @ 122℉(50 ℃)

    Hydronic Cooling: 9 to 13 GPM @ 42℉ (5℃)

    Operating Temperatures: 13F (-25℃) to 114 ℉ (45℃)

    Energy Efficiency

    Waste Heat Recovery

    Hydronic heating & cooling…without ductwork!


    solar hot water tank supplier

    Suneco Green Energy exists so you can live in a home that is kind to the planet. We offer unique solutions for your home or building that measurably reduce your environmental footprint.

    Our products lower your greenhouse gas consumption, and your need for fossil fuels. Modular and adaptable, the home energy solutions from Suneco work with you to meet your needs. Whether it is a new construction project or an existing building, we can customize a home comfort  solution that is cost-effective and efficient.

    We have solar water heater, solar power system, heat pump water heater for your choice.

    Suneco systems are designed to deliver economical energy efficiently, without costing you or the planet.