EVI heat pump can make house heating, cooling, hot water, even at low temperature(-30 degree). With technology, heat pump is more energy saving than other heat pump. Suneco use high quality components, make sure unit performance is good.

1.Split design, more advantages.
The water system is built in the inside unit which will be installed in the room , better freeze-proofing, better heating capacity in low temperature, less heat lost, and high hating efficiency.

2.Wide application scope
Apply to household, villa and office where need the place request the hot water, Can be equipped with different form water ending terminal . Such as: fan coil, floor heating, thermal radiation, thermal insulation water tank and so on.

3.Environment Friendly
Using refrigerant R410A, environment friendly. No CO2 release, no pollution, no exhaust gas, No waste residue.

4.High quality components energy conservation
Using high efficient scroll compressor, plate heat exchanger, high efficient shell and tube heat exchanger, high efficient spiral casing heat exchanger, built-in WEILO water pump (optional),

5.EVI series compressor, Super low temperature heating performance
Using EVI series compressor, heat pump unit can operate normally in -25 degree tough ambient temperature.

6.Three-core design
Heat pump, electric auxiliary heater and solar heater integrated together (optional), super energy-saving, which can meet all-weather hot water supply

7.Easy operation
Using a touch screen, dot matrix LCD display control, touch screen button, multi-language manual, easy to operate.

8.Intelligent control
Microcomputer intelligent control: The main machine automatically open when any terminal equipment is turned on; the main machine automatically shut down when all the terminal equipment is turned off.

9.multiple protections. and reliable
Built-in Multiple protections. such as water flow protection, compressor discharge temperature production, system refrigerant high –low pressure protection , compressor over current protection, power supply phase sequence protection, Automatic defrosting, automatic load regulation, blackouts out memory ,etc. multiple protection function.

Split type EVI air to water heat pump Features

Saft Operation in All Condition

Wide working ambient temperature range:-30°C-43°C, intelligent curve control, any weather available, meet the needs of summer cooling, winter heating and hot water throughout the year

Superior Heating Ability

Technical grade linear electronic expansion valve throttle control the refrigerant volume of major loop of refrigerant system and even ambient temperature is under -15°C,heat pump still keep rated heating capacity output without electric heater.

Speed up Heating/Cooling Time

When there is a large difference between the actual temperature and the programmed temperature, the unit can run at a higher frequency to make fast heating or cooling to increase or decrease the temperature rapidly. 

Automatic Antifreeze Protection

Unit designed with multi-grade antifreeze protection control function. When outdoor ambient temperature is lower than setting function, unit operate antifreeze protection function automatically and keep the unit safety

No Frosting in the Bottom 

With the user of special liquid distribution technology in heating mode, the temperature of refrigerant in the air exchanger’s bottom copper tube will not decrease in order to ensure no  frosting on it and smooth drainage,