Micro Hydro Turbine

Micro Hydro Turbine

Model No: 300W-200kw
Output/Power: 300W-200kW
Rated Head: 5 – 15 Meters
Rated Flow: 3 – 5 (l/s)
1. Important Safety Instructions

This manual contains important instructions that shall be followed during installation and maintenance of the XJ28-6.0DCTF4/6-Z. To reduce the risk of electrical shock, and to ensure the safe installation and operation of the XJ28-6.0DCTF4/6-Z, the following safety symbols are used to indicate dangerous conditions and important safety instructions.

WARNING: This indicates a fact or feature very important for the safety of the user and / or which can cause serious hardware damage if not applied appropriately. Use extreme caution when performing this task.
NOTE: This indicates a feature that is important either for optimal and efficient use or optimal system operation.
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1. Turgo Turbine Unit Main Technical Performance Parameters
Main Parameters
No. Items Parameters Remarks
1 Model XJ28-6.0DCTF4/6-Z Dual  Nozzle Turgo Turbine
2 Rated Head 18–20 (meters)
3 Rated Flow 38–50 (l/s)
4 Output 6000 (W)
5 Efficiency 70 (%)
6 Pipe Diameter 200 (mm)
No. Items Parameters Remarks
1 Model SF6.0-4  Permanent Magnet Generator
2 Style PMG
3 Output 6000 (W)
4 Voltage 230 or 110 (V)
5 Current 26.08 (A)
6 Frequency 50 or 60 (HZ)
7 Rotary Speed 1500 (RPM)
8 Phase Single (Phase)
9 Power Factor 1.0
10 Altitude ≤3000 (meters)
11 Insulation Grade B / B
12 Protection Grade IP44
13 Temperature -25~+50
14 Relative Humidity ≤90 %
Control Box / Control Panel
No. Items Parameters Remarks
1 Model WY6.0-1  
2 Safety Protection Short circuit Protection
3 Insulation Protection
4 Over Load Protection
5 Grounding Fault Protection
No. Items Parameters Remarks
1 Packing Material Fiberboard  
2 Packing Size 105×75×77 (CM)
4 Gross Weight 255 (KGS)

Note: The modification of the product appearance or technical parameters, which is a result of technique improvement, will not be announced additionally.


Greet you to use XJ series of micro hydro generator unit. This series of generator unit consists of the XJ series of turbine and SF series of Rear Earth Permanent Magnet brushless synchronization generator, which includes 20 types of single and three phases generator unit whose power output is from 200W to 100KW.The user can chose the type fits for the amount of coulomb and the flows of the water head. The series of units is provided with the automatism control voltage and frequency. The user can turn on or off the electric appliances (TV sets, recorders, etc) as wish on condition that the amount of coulomb does not exceed the nominal power output, and the user will feet it as convenient as the electrical net. Before you use the generator units, please make sure that you read this instruction manual carefully. And you choose the installation position of units, ditch construction, the inlet conduit installation, the electrical wire span and the adjustment of generator unit by the direction of the professional. After the generator unit can work continuously or in preset time, you had better arrange the career man to do some manage work and maintenance according to the instruction manual and the safety electrical precautions.

1. Micro Hydro Station General Description

The typical micro hydro generator station is as follows (figure 1), which consists of earthwork (inlet conduit construction, unit room and drain etc), the micro hydro generator, electrical wires and the users wires.

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