Solar Wind Hybrid Street Lights

Solar Wind Hybrid Street Lights

Model No: Eco-60W-180w
Output/Power: 60W-80W
Height: 5 – 15 Meters
Solar Panel: 90W-230W

Solar Wind Hybrid Street Lights: Suneco make and supply Solar Wind Hybrid Street Lights for global market including most of the countries in the world.We help to build Solar Wind Hybrid Street Lights  in different countries.All the Solar and Wind Hybrid Street Lights, Solar and wind powered lighting systems are in Suneco Hydro Factory.

Detailed Description

Features of solar and wind hybrid street light: Two lighting systems are designed into one combined system, if some days there is sunlight but no wind energy, the solar panel charges the battery. Similarly if some days there is wind energy but no sunlight, the wind turbine can power the battery. If both wind & solar energy is enough, both can charge the battery. The wind turbine continues to work around the clock supplying energy for the system.

solar wind powered lights

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The lamp has been designed to maximize efficient use of the energy generated using a energy-saving luminaries which is switched automatically by a light sensor. It is intended for permanent installations and can be located in the remotest of sites since no mains services are required saving on installation costs, inconvenience and time. whole system is virtually maintenance free and there are NO daily running costs the power is completely free and clean a.  Wind power: 300w b. Solar panel: 90W .  Solar panels conversion efficiency >15% and average life is at least 20years. c. Light source: 30W low pressure sodium lamp. d. Battery: Sealed colloid lead-acid battery. Battery capacity: 120AH/12V e. Applied temperature: -40Deg C to +60Deg C. f. Micro computer controller: With protection of over-charging, over-discharging, over-loading.. g. Pole: Steelplate, plastic coating after zinc-plate. h: Pole height: 6 meter i: Distance from ground to lamp: 4-5meter j: Lighting time per day: 6-8 hours k: Continuously work with 4 cloudy/rainy days wind solar hybrid lighting (Source: Wind solar hybrid lighting) Whether you are looking for Solar Wind Hybrid Street Lights Supplier, or you want to know the rough cost for Solar Wind Hybrid Street Lights. We are you right choice. Solar Wind Hybrid Street Lights Parts: Small Wind Turbine Small wind turbine is a part of the solar wind hybrid light. wind turbine hybrid power system Solar panel, LED Street Light, Controller, Batteries, street light pole, and all small steel parts solar wind hybrid lights accessories

6M, 60Watt Solar Wind Hybrid Street Lights Technical Data,contact us for price today.

Pole height 6M
material high quality steelplate
thick 4mm
suface treating plastic coating after zinc-plate
fitting arm single arm 1.5M
anchor screw under soil
Light Source power 30W
type Ultra-bright LED
voltage 12V
lampshade Die cast aluminum housing,Toughened safety glass,painting coating.
warranty 1 year
PV and Wind Controller work voltage 12V/24V auto switch
work type A/B individual controll, programable
Photosensitive 9 level programable
PWM Arithmetic yes
warranty 1 year
Solar Panel type Monocrystal silicon
power 90W
warranty 1 year
Battery type valve regulated sealed lead-acid battery(maintance free)
capacity 120ah
voltage 12V
warranty 1 year
battery box up on the pole
Accessories restrictive coating wire  
stainless steel fastening piece  
Wind Turbine 300w 12V
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