Heat Pump

What is heat pump?

Heat pump is a kind of device that can obtain heat from the air, water or
ground, and through low power consumption, so as to raise the low temperature
to high temperature.

Three type of heat pumps:

Air source heat pump: Obtain heat from the air

Water source heat pump: Obtain heat from the water

Ground source […]

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Monobloc heat pump System

High efficiency air to water mono-bloc heat pump system heating and cooling system for home
10 Ton MonoBloc Heat pump is an air to water heat pump, ideal for hydronic systems – use to chill or to heat (or both). It is a single phase unit with 10 tons of capacity and can be installed […]

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Hydronic HVAC Solutions

Suneco Green Energy – Right For You!
Suneco Green Energy manufacturers and engineers low voltage hydronic HVAC solutions as well as waste heat recovery systems that deliver solid performance, year round.

We pride ourselves on providing ultimate comfort at the most affordable price level for heating and cooling, while respecting the very communities we serve.

Suneco products […]

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