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Francis hydro Turbine

Francis hydro turbine are mostly suitable for hydro-power stations with medium or high head. The Francis type turbines are compact in structure,reasonable in design, convenient in operation and maintenance and excellent in efficiency.They are in both vertical and horizontal shaft arrangement and can be vastly selected by the hydraulic power stations.With many years of our own experience and absorbing advanced technology from domestic and abroad sources, and in meeting ever growing requirements of stations for various hydraulic power resources.

The Francis turbines,are raging from 8 to 140m in water head,above 500kw in capacity and 0.2 to 4.0m in runner diameter.

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Specifications︰ The diameter of the runner is 0.42m- 5.0m;
Suitable water head: H =8m- 140m;
Suitable flow: Q =0.20m3/s- 50.0m3/s;
Capacity of the generator unit: 500kw -100000kw.
Advantages︰ Francis Type Turbine-Generator is suitable for hydro power station of middle or high water head and medium-sized flow

Because the structure of the Turbine-Generator is simple , and it is reliable to run,. suitable for various water head and include many types of runners, they can be widely used. it is suitable for hydro power stations whose water head change large.

francis hydro turbine

Different Water Turbines:

1. Horizontal Axis Water Generator with 2500KVA Power Capacity
2. Powered by water turbine(Francis,turgo, pelton, Kaplan type of both vertically and horizontally shafted)
3.Capacity from 60KVA to 25000KVA are designed and manufactured
4.Output voltage would be 400V,6.3KV,10.5KV…as required

micro hydro turbine and kaplan turbine