Capillary Tube Mat

Capillary Tube Mat

Model No: 100L – 500L
Output/Power: 1500W
Height: 5 – 15 Meters
Heat Pump: 90W-230W


Detailed Product Description of Capillary Tube Mat

The ideal radiant heating and cooling system for ceiling, wall and under floor.

Capillary Tube Mat system is an innovative technology developed to replace the conventional heating and cooling system.  Capillary tube is extremely thin pipe made of Polypropylene, carrying water throughout the piping system to exchange heat with the space air by radiation.  Capillary tube can be installed on roof, wall, and floor, under the surface decorative materials.

Capillary Tube Mat is normally used in combination with Ground Source Heat Pump / air source heat pump and independent dehumidifying system.

Due to the following advantages/benefits, Capillary Tube Mat system is becoming very popular heating and cooling solution:

1. Very effective heating and cooling solution

2. have the highest efficiency heat exchange surfaces

2. Highly energy saving: High temperature for cooling and low temperature for heating offers a variety of options

for an optimum of use of regenerative energy

3. No air flow feeling, much higher comfort

4. No noise, the quietest heating/cooling system

5. Easy installation and maintenance

6. Save space

7. “Invisible technology” with drastic reduction in space requirement for installation

8. Higher level of comfort through radiation cooling and heating.

capillary tube mat

Capillary-network-of-radiatio-air (pdf intro,size: 790kb,) April 18, 2013.

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