Hot Water Buffer Tank

Hot Water Buffer Tank

Model No: Buffer tank
Capacity: 100L–1000L

Hot Water Buffer Tank Making Life Easy

No more converting domestic hot water tanks into water storage (buffer) tanks, no more over-sizing pumps just to make a system work, no more struggles with piping connections as mechanical rooms get smaller –Suneco ensures you get a system fitted, precisely the right way, with simple connections all on one side at the right price!

Suneco buffer tank series is designed to work with any hydronic (radiant) system, providing greater mass while preventing your heat pump from short cycling. Protected with 2 in. (50 mm) of high density foam, and packaged in a polished stainless finished, it is the perfect fit for contractors who place high value on presentation as well as functionality.

The Suneco Buffer tank series is built right and built to last!

Available Models:

26G (100L),  40G (150L),  50G (200L),  65G (250L),  80G (300L),

100G (500L), 130G (600L),

Key features

  • Ideal for air to water heat pumps, geothermal systems, boilers and hydronic (radiant) systems
  • Constructed using a 201 stainless steel
  • 2“ (50 mm) of high density foam
  • 4 – NPT connections
  • 2 extra NPT connections on 26G (100l) tanks
  • 1⁄2” vent connection
  • 1” drain connection
  • Polished stainless steel jacket
  • Simple to install, small footprint
  • Tall enough for stratification
  • Two temperature wells
  • Maximum pressure 100psi (0.7kpa)


  • No sweating even in the highest humidity
  • Low flow restriction
  • Easy to insert a temperature sensor
  • Add great looking “wow-factor” to your work
  • No rusting, no corrosion
  • All connections are located on one side allows for installation anywhere (including corners)


  • All tanks have 2” (50 mm) of insulation
  • Thermister wells are located as shown
  • Connections located on one-side (excluding 26G tank)
  • Shut off or air-relief valves; are field provided
  • Ideal for small mechancial rooms

water tank for heat pump

water tank for heat pump

tank for solar water heater

solar and heat pump heating system

solar and heat pump heating system

If you are looking for a hot water buffer tank supplier, we have OEM and ODM is available.

Capacity L 100 200 300 400 500 600 800 1000
Inner Tank Diameter Mm  Φ370  Φ470  Φ500  Φ550  Φ600  Φ650  Φ700  Φ800
Out Shell Diameter Mm  Φ470  Φ560  Φ600  Φ650  Φ700  Φ760  Φ800  Φ900
Inner Tank Material Mm         SUS304 / SUS316L / Duplex2205 / Duplex2304
Out Shell Material Mm         Galvanized Steel With Painting / Stainless Stell / PU
Out Shell Color         White / Silver-Grey / Blue /Red / Golden / Stainless Stell
Max.Working Pressure Bar  6  6  6  6  6  6  6  6
Max.Testing Pressure Bar 10  10  10  10  10  10 10  10
Max.Running Temperature  90  90  90 90  90  90  90  90
Heating Loss W/K  0.65  0.72  0.89  1.02  1.15  1.26  ——  ——
Standing Loss W  30  33  40  46 52 57  ——  ——
ERP Class  A  A  A  A  A  A  A  A
Electrical Heater Kw  1.5  1.5  1.5  1.5  3  3  3 3
Mg.Anode Mm         Φ22*300
Water Connection     G / BSP / NPT 3/4″     G / BSP / NPT 1″
Packing Size Mm L:540


















 Φ900*2200  Φ980*2420
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