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LED Industrial Light ECO320GK Series

  1. Application OF LED Industrial Light ECO320GK Series

Factories, gyms, wharves, advertising boards, buildings, parking lots and other places that wide range of lighting is needed; Urban landscape, engineering machinery and other places that floodlight is needed.

  1. Product Features of LED Industrial Light ECO320GK Series
  • ECO320GK series adopt rudder design, elegant and beautiful;
  • Rational construction, external power source, excellent heat exchange, IP65;
  • Service life is longer than 50000 hours;
  • Medium-power light source 3030 6V, 162pcs, luminous efficiency is equal or greater than 130LM/W;
  • Installation is easy and flexible, can manually adjust the angle, angle can be adjusted manually and adjustable angle is 180°.
  1. Structure and material of  LED Industrial Light ECO320GK Series
No. Name Material
1 External power supply  
2 Bracket Q235
3 Heat sink ADC12
4 Glass pressing ring ADC12
5 Flat fabric glass  
6 White reflector  

4 Main performance and parameter

  • Basic parameter of LED Industrial Light ECO320GK Series
No. Model Module Number IP Rating Insulation Grade Operating Temperature(℃) Weight (Kg)
1 120W 1 IP65 CLASS I -20~40 6
  • Electrical parameter
No. Model Rated Power Input Voltage (V) Output Voltage (V) Output Current (mA) Power Factor Power Efficiency
1 120W 120 AC220 48 2.3 0.97 92%
  • Optical parameter of LED Industrial Light ECO320GK Series
No. Model Color Rendering Index (Ra) Luminous Flux (lm) Luminous Efficiency (lm/W) Color Temperature
1 120W 70 12000 100 4000K/5000K
2 120W 80 10800 90 4000K/5000K