If you are looking for LED Light Zambia manufacturers and suppliers, and a detailed overview of the best-LED Street Lights brands products in Zambia, you are in the right place.

We have listed 8 LED Light Oman brands, They have a telephone number that you can directly call them.

1. VITALITE Zambia Limited

Address: Lubwe Rd, Lusaka, Zambia

VITALITE Zambia Limited is a Zambian registered company limited by shares (company registration #: 117930), founded in 2013. VITALITE was created to increase rural electrification and combat the poverty tax affecting low-income, energy-poor households across Zambia. Our stated mission is to make quality products and services accessible and affordable to all Zambian households. We are proud to be the first to pioneer a fully integrated pay-as-you-go (PAYGO) service in Zambia. We aim to become Zambia’s leading asset financing company using modern mobile technology to provide consumer-financing solutions for solar energy and other productive products and services to low-income, indigent households. Sustainable Energy for All initiative and the Government of Zambia’s sustainable development policies in all its efforts.

2. Suntech Appropriate Technology LTD.

Address: Mungulube Road – Lusaka – P.O. Box 360389, Kafue, Zambia

Tel: +260211229758

Product and service:
LED light Project identification and evaluation
solar and LED lighting Project planning, implementation and management
Component supply
Manufacture of solar equipment such as roof module frames and solar cookers
Countrywide equipment installation
Maintenance and repairs

GREEN solution provider – through the complete LED lighting solutions for both indoor and outdoor to provide an energy-efficient and mercury-free environment.

3. Muhanya Solar Limited

7A Paseli Rd, Lusaka, Zambia


Our goal is to provide you a long-lasting renewable energy solution using the best products on the market. We specialize in the following products and solutions:

Solar Energy Products
Deep Cycle Batteries Inverters Charge Controllers Solar Panels
Design and Installation of Solar Home Systems
Solar Freezers and Fridges
Solar Water Pumping Systems
Solar Water Heaters
Standby Power Systems
Wind Turbines
LED street light
Training in Renewable Energy

4. id Solar Solutions

Address:4483 Katima Mulilo Road, Kalundu, Lusaka, Zambia

Tel: +260978676937

We are a growing enterprise with an innovative approach to increasing access to affordable solar technology within Zambia. As a business, we follow a clean environmentally friendly approach to maximize our positive social and environmental impact.

Components and Appliances
Hybrid Power Supply System
Power Backup Systems
Solar LED lights And Plug and Play Systems
Solar Power Supply System
Solar Water Pumping System


5. Sunray Power Company

Address: 13 Lunsenfwa Rd, Lusaka, Zambia

Sunray Power Company is a Zambian company with main offices in Lusaka, and designs, supplies and installs high quality solar products Our offering includes
Solar panels
Deep Cycle Batteries
Charge controllers
Mounting structures
Solar Water Pumps
Solar Pump Controllers and VFD’s
solar LED street lights, LED flood lights
Our services includes design of bespoke solar solutions, monitoring of installations and PV Solar training.

  • HIGHBAY LIGHTS and Floodlights

LED light Zambia

6. Fenix Intl.

Tel: +260961844428
We build and sell products to change lives. Designed for both radical affordability and high quality, Fenix’s solar home systems deliver rugged, ultra-efficient consumer electronics technology to remote, off-grid households. We study energy spending data in depth and build pricing plans based on what our customers can afford. At the heart of our technology is our lockable smart power system, Fenix Power. It’s a high-quality solar power ecosystem that transforms sunlight into energy to run phones, lights, radios, TVs, and more. Kits are easily installed, and customers can upgrade by adding more panels, additional storage, lights, and accessories.

7. Solar Macs Energy

Address: Plot No. 6 Buluwe Rd, Lusaka, Zambia
Tel: +260977115524
Solar Macs Energy is a leading Zambian solar innovated organization with partners around the world. We supply and install solar panels, solar water pumps, solar batteries, inverters, street lights, flood lights, DC pressing iron, solar charge controllers, solar geysers and many other solar products.
Solar Panels
Solar Batteries
Solar Water Pump
DC Electronic Gadgets
Solar Street Lights
Solar Flood Lights

8. RDG Collective

Address: Martin Luther King Rd, Lusaka, Zambia
Tel: +260966600228
RDG is a multinational, for-profit company that designs, manufactures, distributes and finances Solar powered Home systems.

RDG currently offers a Solar Home system with LED lights, radio and optional 24”/32” Inch TV. RDG will soon be launching PAYG smartphones.