LED Parking Lot lights

LED light ECO5023

Model No: 16w–55w
Lighting Efficiency: 100lm/w
Weight:  3.7 kgs
Size: 570×370×260mm

LED parking lot lights ECO 5023 Application

Parking lot, City streets, pavements, squares, schools, parks, yards, residential areas, factories and any other places that outdoor lighting is needed.

The whole light meets the standard of IP65 rating

The light housing is adopted aluminum alloy die casting to heat sink, waterproof and dust proof. The  surface of the light has been treated spatially with the anodic oxidation and plastic spraying. The whole light meets the standard of IP65.

Specialized device for light distribution and uniform light effect

The design of the independent light distribution device specially controls the LED light under the requirement that improves the uniformity of the light effect and light energy utilization and highlights the LED street light energy saving advantage.

Eliminate dazzling and guarantee a safe driving road

solar led parking lot lights is no glare and no strobe. It can eliminate the dazzling, visual fatigue and disturbance aroused by traditional street light. It also can improve the safety of driving road.

Solar led parking lot lights has advantage of LED direct current low voltage and environment protection that combined with solar power, wind and light. It realized light control and time control and combined the LED light source with photovoltaic that provided the best price and high reliability for customers.

Both PLC (Power Line Communication) and Zigbee wireless dimming controlling systems could be configured our lighting fixtures that could realize LED intelligent control and recycle energy saving, as well as saving energy consumption.

Features of LED parking lot lights ECO5023:

  • High Efficient: Power consumption Of LED Streetlight is half of Traditional sodium lamp’s, it can save 50% power compared with sodium lamp, luminous efficiency and with visual verisimilitude, No flicker, It is safe to our eyes, skins.
  • Long Lifespan:50,000 hours
  • Design Feature: Special Structure for replacement manual , convenient for maintenance.
  • Environmental Friendly : Without Harmful elements ,such as mercury, lead and so on.
  • Eyesight Protection: DC Driver,No flicker,without eyestrain after using a long time.
  • High luminous efficiency: Giving out lower Heat , Conversion between Electricity and Lighting with high efficiency.
  • High safety :Low power and current , it can be used to the dangerous places, Insulation grade CLASS I.

    INSTALLATION of LED parking lot lights: 

① Open the Carton, Take out the lamp, Check the lamp sound or not,  Accessories are complete or not.

②Open the fastener for electric appliance box, Turn up the cover.

③Adjust the screws of pole plate to loose, then install the pole and adjust a good position.

④Fasten the pole plate and the electric appliance box

⑤ Connect the power supply and turn on the lamp.


Download LED parking lot lights ECO5023 manual: Parking lot lights ECO5023

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Power 16W/23W/32W/40W/55W/60W
Input voltage 100-240ACV
Power factor ≥0.9
Luminous flux 1600lm/2300lm/3200lm/4000lm/5500lm/6000lm
Weight 3.70kg
Carton dimension 570*370*260mm
Packing quantity 1pcs
Color rendering index Ra70
Color temperature 3000k/4000k/5000k/5700k
IP rating 65
Working environment -40℃-50℃
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