LED street lamp ECO32

LED street lamp

Model No: ECO32 100w–300w
Lighting Efficiency: 100lm/w
Weight:  5.7 kgs
Size: 714×325×129mm

Suneco wall mounted LED street lamp

Large power LED street lamp ECO32 range from 100w to 200w to 300w

ECO32 LED street lamp can be wall mounted. If you are looking for replacement street light globes, we will be your best supplier.

Features of our ECO32 energy saving LED street lights:

Light Source:  High light efficiency, low light depreciation, uniform illumination and long life span.

Shell: The lamp shell can dissipate the heat directly, which improve the heat-sinking function and increase the lamp power.  The lamp fixture, without heat-sinking tooth at the back, has good self-cleaning properties, not easy for dirt retention.

Effect:  To meet different lighting requirement, we use professional and special PC lens which is soft light and uniform illumination. Also, a glass protection outside the lens is added to protect the lens.

Driver: Built-in: multiple intelligent control functions are available.

Maintenance: The rear cover is opened by a knob, which is convenient for maintenance.

IP rate: IP65

Application of suneco wall mounted street light: city road, sidewalks, square, school, park, yard, residential road, factory and other outdoor lighting street.

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LED street lamp eco32

This LED street lamp is composed of the bottom case of electrical box, front cover, small cover, heat-sink, light source module, lens, power,  and upper cover of the electrical box.

When you install the street light, the first step is to fix the lamp on the street lamp pole through the lamp installation bracket. Connect the null wire, the earth wire, the live wire of the cable wire with the power system according to the requirements (there is connection mark).

After checking, connect the electricity, then the street lamp can work normally. The specific installation steps are as follows:

  1. Put the light pole into the pole connector
  1. Pressing the pole with screws
  1. Adjust the luminaire to the right angle
  1. Connect the Wires according to the wiring instructions

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Streetlight Illuminating Engineering (EMC model) in Shenzhen Shekou

Lamp pole: 12m/10m
Interval: 35m/30m
Road width: 30m/25m
Power: 200W/120W
Quantity: 1714 lamps
Shenzhen Shekou Streetlight located in the main trunk road heading to Shekou port, which covers the area nearby the Gongye Road.

LED street lamps installed

You can also download ECO32 series street light specifications: ECO32LD-100w 150w 200w LED street light Specification

Product technical parameter
Input voltage




100 150 200 250 300
Light efficiencylm/W 100 110
Color temperature


3000 4000/5000/5700
Power factor >0.95
CRI 70
Frequency 50/60Hz
IP rate IP65
Working temperature(℃)  – 40 ~50
Working environment humidity(RH) 20 ~95 %


714×325×129 765×325×129 816×325×129 867×325×129 918×325×129
Net weight


5.72 6.22 6.72 7.22 7.75
Materials Die-cast aluminum + aluminum profile + lens
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