LED Tunnel light ECO900

Tunnel light ECO900

Model No: ECO900
Power: 55W-115W
Size:  917*121*173mm
Weight: 9.6 kg

Integrated modular LED tunnel lamp ECO900

The housing is made of flash silver die-casted aluminum and oxidized extruded aluminum;

With high strength toughened woven glass, novel design;

Reflector is used for light distribution to meet the requirements of tunnel lighting effect;

Self-balancing clip design, the lock pressure evenly distributed throughout the lamp surface, achieve true sense of sealing;

The structure of the LED tunnel lamp can be opened and replaced by hand.

Applications of LED Tunnel lamp ECO900:

Tunnels, underpasses, railways, underground parking lots and other places where this kind of lighting is needed.

The whole LED tunnel light meets the standard of IP65 rating

The light housing is adopted aging resistant silicone rubber to seal belt, which could perfectly lining to heat sink, end cover and glass. The surface of the light has been anodizing and spraying treated. The whole light meets the standard of IP65.


Light distribution system with high reflectivity


Efficiently improves reflectivity rate, and ensures output of luminous flux. Specifically controls the LED light under the requirement that improved the uniformity of the light effect and light energy utilization, which highlights the LED street light energy saving advantages.

Improve security of driving with high CRI (Color Rendering Index)

LED Tunnel lamp displays a more realistic color of subject. Its color rendering index reaches at 70 that is close enough to natural light. The driver can adapt to the light color changes quickly when drives into the tunnel that guarantees a more safety driving.

High strength light structure design

High strength light structure and bracket design. It meets the requirement of tunnel light with 400Km/h high speed railway. The light installation angle is around 50° and easily to install.

Both RS485 and Zigbee wireless dimming controlling systems could be configured our lighting fixtures that could realize that could realize LED intelligent control and saving energy consumption.


Original self-balancing design, gained patent protection, realizes the real sealing function to make sure the housing life of 20 years.

The light source of LED Tunnel lamp ECO900 uses modular design, it can be removed without tool.

Good road inductive function, which helps raise the traffic safety.

Good Lighting distribution and tunnel lighting effect.

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LED tunnel light price

Benefits of LED Tunnel lamp

Practical Design

One of the biggest perks of LED tunnel lights is that they’re extremely reliable and long-lasting.

Unlike traditional lighting solutions, LED tunnel lights don’t need frequent repair or maintenance. Because of these specific reasons, there’s less disruption.

Also, you won’t have to break your bank to keep your tunnel lights running for a longer period of time as they’re already built to last.

Create a Safe and Secure Environment for Drivers

One of the biggest hurdles faced by drivers is that the conventional strobe lights oftentimes cause tiredness.

LEDs because of their soothing and bright light do not cause such symptoms. Because of LED tunnel lights, drivers can better maintain their focus and prevent accidents.

LED Tunnel Lights – And Upgraded Lighting System for Tunnels

LED tunnel lights feature a robust construct and an attractive design. Also, they come with some of the most advanced featured available to date.

These lights are capable of creating a constant stream of bright light inside a tunnel that gives drivers the needed confidence to drive without worrying about the fear of accident or crash.


In conclusion, LED tunnel lights offer increased efficiency, better lifespan, and improved functionality to the users. It makes driving in the tunnels super fun and convenient and give driver a sense of security and protection.

These are some of the many benefits of using tunnel LED lights inside tunnels.

For people looking to achieve optimum performance at the best price, LED tunnel lights can definitely be the safest bid.

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Basic Info.

Model NO.:ECO900 55-115W

Color Temperature:3000k / 4000k / 5000k / 5700k

IP Rating:IP65

Lifespan:50000 Hours

Certification:CE, RoHS


Package:Carton or According to The Customers’ Needs

Specification:CE, RoHS

Power (W):115

Power Factor:≥0.96

Luminous Flux (Lm):7500–13500

Weight (Kg):9.60

Color Rendering Index: Ra70

Working Environment:-40~50

HS Code:1411960132

Production Capacity:10, 000PCS/Month

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