LED Tunnel lighting fixture ECO600

Tunnel light ECO600

Model No: ECO600
Power: 35W-75W
Size: 635*121*173mm
Weight: 6.6 kg

LED Tunnel lighting fixture for Urban Tunnel Project and Mountain Tunnel ECO600

The housing is made of flash silver die-casted aluminum and oxidized extruded aluminum;

With high strength toughened woven glass, novel design;

Reflector is used for light distribution to meet the requirements of tunnel lighting effect;

Self-balancing clip design, the lock pressure evenly distributed throughout the lamp surface, achieve true sense of sealing;

The structure of the lamps can be opened and replaced by hand.

Applications of LED Tunnel lighting fixture ECO600

Tunnels, underpasses, railways, underground parking lots and other places where this kind of lighting is needed.

The whole LED Tunnel lighting fixture meets the standard of IP65 rating

Urban tunnel lighting fixtures are generally installed with small space

Urban tunnel traffic is large, Urban residents have high lighting requirements, therefore, the lighting effect of urban tunnels is higher than that of mountain tunnels; it’s an important basis for achieving high lighting quality that fixtures installed with small space.

1, Making power reduced to reduce glare effect

2, the illumination requirement is higher, above than 100 lx

3, the wall brightness and uniformity is higher

4, Improve the driver’s driving experience on the road

Illuminance – Since the luminous efficacy of LEDs is much higher than that of traditional lamps, illuminance is a very easy indicator to achieve. Instead, it should be wary of the glare caused by excessive lighting effects.


Average illuminance  – Under the premise of selecting the installation in small space, it is easy to achieve the desired lighting effect with a reasonable design of the ground, but attention should be paid to the  average illuminace effect of the wall.

Glare: When the illuminance of a light source or an object in the field of view is much higher than the illuminance that the eye has adapted, people will have a dazzling sensation and the phenomenon is glare. Glare can cause discomfort or reduced visibility, which directly affects driving safety.


The installation position of the tunnel luminaire is low, if the longitudinal illuminating beam angle is slightly larger, which will bring more serious glare. Therefore, it is not suitable to use a luminaire with a large beam angle.

  • Increasing the illuminance area of the tunnel space and reducing the illuminance of the light surface  ,that can completely eliminate glare.
  • This can be achieved by increasing the length of the luminaire or by reducing the installation spacing of the luminaires.
  • The continuous tunnel light has the lowest surface brightness and the best comfort
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Lamp Power(w): 35-75W

Power Factor: ≥0.95

Lighting Efficiency: 100lm/w

Luminous Flux: 3500lm–6750lm

Working Voltage:  AC100 ~ 240V

Color Rendering Index: Ra70

Color Temperature 3000/4000/5000/5700K

IP Rating: IP65

Material: Die Casting Aluminum + Tempered Glass

Ambient Temperature: -40 ~ 50℃

Body Weight: 6.6kgs

Warranty Period (years): 3 years

Electric Safety Class: CLASS I

Body Dimensions: 635*121*173mm

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