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Tunnel Light
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Tunnel Light
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LED Tunnel Lights
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LED Tunnel Lights
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LED Tunnel Lights
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Buy High-Performance LED Tunnel Lighting Fixtures

Image of LED tunnel lights

Image of LED tunnel lights

Tunnels exist in most transport infrastructures. They are on roads, railways and even in some waterways.

One common characteristic of tunnels is darkness. You will barely see anything when passing through the tunnels.

As we all know, light plays a big role in ensuring that we remain safe on the roads. This is why there must be adequate light in the tunnels to ensure that users of the transport system can navigate safely.

It is at this point that the importance of LED ECO1200 tunnel lighting fixtures is highlighted. They play a good role in lighting up different tunnels.


Key Features if LED Tunnel Lighting Fixtures

When buying these LED tunnel lights, there are certain features that you need to know about them.

Here are some of these features:

-Reflective LED lighting: The lighting fixture has a reflector that is used to direct the light towards the desired direction. It also that there is a proper distribution of light.

This ensures that the road is properly lit.

-Pluggable: the source of light for the LED tunnel light fixtures can be installed and uninstalled easily using hands.


-Strong casing and housing: The housing of the LED tunnel light is made of die-cast and oxidized aluminum material.


-IP65 standard: This standard defines the level of sealing and enclosure of the LED lights against external elements.

The fixtures have full protection from dust, solid particles and low-pressure jets.


Applications of LED Streetlights

LED tunnel lights are used anywhere there is a tunnel and people are supposed to pass through it.

The most common application areas of LED tunnel lights include roads underpasses and railways.

In some places, waterways for boat navigation are required to pass through tunnels.

What about the mining zones? Mining areas that have tunnels can use LED tunnel lights as their source of light.

As you can see, LED tunnel lights have a wide range of applications, especially where you are building major infrastructure such as road.

Whether you are a governmental organization or a private company and you are tasked with building or improving the roads, LED tunnel light fixtures should be one of your areas of interest.


Advantages of LED Tunnel Lights


Image of LED tunnel lights

Image of LED tunnel lights

What are the benefits or advantages of LED tunnel lights? Can I still get to enjoy these benefits with the traditional tunnel lights?

To give you a clear picture, here are the benefits that come with buying LED tunnel lights China.


-Strong and durable: We have already discussed the housing of the LED tunnel light is strong enough to provide the much-needed protection.

This means that the lighting source won’t be easily damaged by various physical elements.

You will not have to replace the lighting fixtures regularly due to damages.


-Long lifespan: generally, LED light sources will last for a long time before being replaced.

To be precise, they have a lifespan of up to 50000 hours

This is unlike fluorescent tunnel light sources which tend to have a short lifespan.

So, despite the LED tunnel light price being relatively higher than the phosphor lights, it will take you a long time before you replace them.


-High CRI: CRI refers to the color rendering index and it is used to measure the intensity of light that is coming from the source.

LED tunnel lights have a high CRI which means they make the tunnels to be more visible.


-Comfortable to the users: LED lights for tunnel does not have a glaring effect. Instead, they just give out adequate light that makes the tunnel visible. This means that they don’t have any negative effects on the drivers who are passing through the tunnel.


-Cost-effective: Do you know that it is very easy to find affordable LED tunnel lights in China? In recent years, the LED tunnel light price has been coming down.

Apart from the price, the cost of maintaining LED tunnel price is quite low.


-Environment-friendly: LED tunnel lights do not release any toxic substances to the environment. They are friendly to the environment as compared to other traditional tunnel light fixtures.

While the main purpose of LED lighting fixtures is to create a safe environment for road users, other benefits come with them.


Some of these benefits affect the contractors while others affect the road users. At the end of it, all the players stand to gain something from these lighting fixtures.


Choosing LED Tunnel Light Manufacturer


Image of LED tunnel lights

Image of LED tunnel lights

One of the most important decisions that you will make is choosing LED tunnel light fixture manufacturer and supplier.

This decision will determine the quality of LED lighting fixtures that you buy and the level of service that you will get.

You should always aim at choosing a reliable and reputable LED tunnel light manufacturer in China.

Find out whether the manufacturer has enough production capacity for the LED lights.

Do they have the required resources and machinery and human labor to produce high-quality LED lights?

You should also check the LED tunnel lights review to find out what other people are saying about the products from the manufacturer.

Many positive reviews is a sign that the manufacturer can meet your requirements.

How is the communication between you and the LED tunnel supplier?

If they are responding to your queries and acting on them without hesitation, don’t hesitate to work with them.

Suneco Green Energy- Reliable LED Tunnel Light Manufacturer and Supplier

At Suneco Green Energy, we have built our name in manufacturing and supplying quality LED tunnel lights.

We have been doing this for quite a several years and we know the exact needs of our clients.

The quality of our workmanship is unrivaled. We have a testing and quality assurance team that inspects the LED tunnel lights before they are released to the market.

Do you want to buy LED tunnel light fixtures? Just contact us and we will ensure you get what you want.

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