micro hydro turbine system

I saw your website and very interesting to your product and planning to installed in different site of abra and kalinga Philippines

Also if there is demand I will help communities in the Philippines..

Can you give me a catalogue of your micro hydro sets with load controller

It has,built in load controller ?

And here in the Philippines we use 60 hz.

May I know the details of the load controller you make.

I know how to measure head and water flow using abney level and float method. So I know there is a lot of potential here especially in Northern Luzon.

We make micro hydro turbine system most efficient.

If I have the water flow and head data you can provide me a match hydro turbine you design?


The price you send to me it includes the load controller?  Yes.

Great..may i know what type of load controller you offer?

Is it dummy load type?

Yes, Dump load controller.

Ah okay right..good to hear..

Can you quote me this:

Head: 90 meters

Water flow: 0.250 m3/s

We prefer pelton micro hydro turbine  system

And we prefer synchronous brushless generator with AVR and synchronizer to connect in the grid

The generator is 400V/60 hz 3 phase  with synchronizer To the grid

Quotation for Micro Hydro Turbine System

Main Specifications

Turbine Remarks
Model XJA90-160STB4-Z pelton turbine


Rated Head 90m
Rated Flow 250L/s
Diameter of pen-stock 300mm
Power 184.3KW
Efficiency 81.3%
Generator Remarks
Model SFW160-6/590 Conforms to the IEC international electrician committee standard


Rated Power 160KW
Rated Voltage 400V
Rated Current 286A
FQCY 60 Hz
Rated speed 1000 r/min
Phase 3
P.F. 1.0
Altitude ≤3000m
Insulation Grade B/B
Protection Grade IP44
Ambient Temperature -25℃ ~ +50℃
Relative Humidity ≤90%
Control Panel Remarks
Safety Protection Short circuit protection
Over load protection
Over voltage protection
Packing Material Fiberboard box
Generating Unit Gross Kg 2.3 T
Switchboard grid tie Gross Kg 150


For more information, please check: www.micro-hydro-power.com