2024 New Popular Modern Smart Lamp

2024 New Popular Modern Smart Lamp

ltem Mars Pole height 5000/4500/ 3000/800 mm
Power(W) 40W Pole diameter 193 mm
Input Voltage (V) AC 100-240V 50-60Hz Wall thickness 4.0 mm


Outdoor Multifunction Smart Street light Smart Pole with Light EV Charger WIFI Camera SOS Etc for Street

Comparison Of Product Parameters
ltem Mars Pole height 5000/4500/ 3000/800 mm
Power(W) 40W Pole diameter 193 mm
Input Voltage (V) AC 100-240V 50-60Hz Wall thickness 4.0 mm
Power Factor > 0.9 Foundation Flange plateSleeve foundation – optiona
CCT(K) 3750~4250K Material 6061 Aluminium Profile
CRI ≥ 70 Finishing Electrostatic powder coating/
Metallic fluorocarbon painting/
color customizable
Efficiency (Lm/W) 120Lm/W
Light Distribution Type l/Ⅱ/IV/ etc.
Protection Grade IP65 5/10KV
Operating Temperature -20~*50°C
Warranty 5 years
Products System

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The 2024 New Popular Modern Smart Lamp is a cutting-edge outdoor multifunctional smart street light designed to revolutionize urban landscapes with its advanced features and robust capabilities. Combining innovative technology with sustainable design, this smart lamp integrates multiple functionalities into a single pole, catering to the diverse needs of modern cities. From efficient lighting solutions to integrated EV charging, WiFi connectivity, CCTV surveillance, and emergency SOS services, it sets a new standard for smart infrastructure.

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The 2024 New Popular Modern Smart Lamp stands tall with pole height options ranging from 3000 mm to 5000 mm, ensuring flexibility in deployment across various urban settings. Crafted from high-quality 6061 Aluminium Profile, it guarantees durability and resilience against environmental elements. The pole diameter of 193 mm and a wall thickness of 4.0 mm provide structural integrity, supported by foundation options including flange plate and sleeve foundation for versatile installation. The product’s finish offers customization through electrostatic powder coating or metallic fluorocarbon painting, blending seamlessly with urban aesthetics.

Product Features

  1. Efficient Lighting Solution: Equipped with a 40W power rating and an impressive efficiency of 120Lm/W, the smart lamp ensures optimal illumination while minimizing energy consumption. It offers multiple light distribution options (Type I/II/IV), catering to diverse street layouts and lighting requirements.
  2. Integrated EV Charger: Addressing the growing demand for electric vehicle infrastructure, the smart lamp includes a built-in EV charger. Compatible with standard EV models, it supports convenient and sustainable urban mobility.
  3. WiFi Connectivity: Enhancing connectivity within urban areas, the smart lamp features integrated WiFi capabilities. This enables seamless internet access for residents, businesses, and municipal services, fostering a digitally connected community.
  4. CCTV Surveillance: Designed to enhance public safety, the smart lamp incorporates a high-definition WiFi camera. It provides real-time monitoring and surveillance, helping to deter crime and ensure the security of public spaces.
  5. Emergency SOS System: In emergency situations, the smart lamp acts as a beacon of safety with its integrated SOS feature. Accessible via a dedicated button or mobile app, it enables citizens to quickly alert authorities or request assistance, enhancing overall public safety infrastructure.

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Comparison of Product Parameters

The 2024 New Popular Modern Smart Lamp sets itself apart with superior specifications:

  • Power Efficiency: With a power factor greater than 0.9 and a high CRI (Color Rendering Index) of ≥ 70, it ensures both energy savings and excellent color representation.
  • Environmental Resilience: Rated IP65 for protection against dust and water ingress and withstanding up to 10KV of surge protection, it operates reliably in various weather conditions from -20°C to 50°C.
  • Longevity and Warranty: Backed by a comprehensive 5-year warranty, the smart lamp guarantees longevity and minimal maintenance, providing municipalities with a cost-effective lighting and infrastructure solution.

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The 2024 New Popular Modern Smart Lamp represents the pinnacle of smart urban infrastructure, combining functionality, durability, and sustainability. Designed to meet the evolving needs of modern cities, it integrates essential features such as energy-efficient lighting, EV charging, WiFi connectivity, CCTV surveillance, and emergency SOS capabilities into a single, streamlined pole. With its robust construction, advanced specifications, and commitment to innovation, this smart lamp is poised to redefine urban landscapes, promoting safety, connectivity, and environmental responsibility for years to come.

This detailed overview highlights the transformative potential of the 2024 New Popular Modern Smart Lamp, setting a new standard in urban lighting and infrastructure.

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