New Split Solar Street Light

New Split Solar Street Light

Model Voltage Capacity L(mm)
12V24AH 12 30 196
12V30AH 12 40 196

New Split Solar Street Light


1. Our product has an IP66 waterproof rating that can completely prevent foreign objects from invading. It can withstand heavy rain and strong water spray.

2. Our solar energy products are environment-friendly and easy to use. They help conserve energy and protect the environment.

3. Our product is powered by solar energy, making it easy to get energy while being environment-friendly.

4. Our solar panel warranty is for more than 25 years, LED light source has a life of up to 50,000 hours, and the battery can be used for more than 8-10 years.

5. Our high lumen solar luminaire module has 20% higher luminosity than the normal type.

6. The management and maintenance of solar street lights is simple, which results in a long service life. These lights are cost-effective and have a decorative role in various occasions. They can show a high-end, atmospheric beauty and play a better functional role. They not only provide basic lighting but also maximize the savings of annual night lighting costs.

7. Our solar street lights are widely used in major cities and in many public places and stadiums.

New Split Solar Street Light


New Split Solar Street Light

New Split Solar Street Light

New Split Solar Street Light


Our new split solar street light represents the pinnacle of modern lighting technology, combining robust durability with environmental sustainability. Designed for urban environments and public spaces, these lights offer unparalleled reliability and energy efficiency. Below, we delve into the myriad features that make our product a superior choice for any lighting application.

Feature 1: Superior Waterproof Rating

One of the standout features of our solar street lights is their IP66 waterproof rating. This certification ensures complete protection against foreign objects and the ingress of water, making them ideal for withstanding heavy rain and strong water spray. Whether installed in coastal areas or regions prone to inclement weather, our lights maintain peak performance throughout their lifespan.

Feature 2: Environmental Friendliness and Ease of Use

Powered entirely by solar energy, our products exemplify environmental stewardship. By harnessing the sun’s renewable energy, they contribute significantly to energy conservation and minimize carbon footprints. Beyond their eco-friendly operation, these lights are designed for user convenience, requiring minimal maintenance compared to traditional street lights.

Feature 3: Longevity and Reliability

The longevity of our solar street lights is a testament to their quality and durability. With a solar panel warranty exceeding 25 years, an LED light source lifespan of up to 50,000 hours, and batteries designed for 8-10 years of use, our lights ensure sustained performance over extended periods. This longevity not only reduces operational costs but also enhances reliability in providing consistent illumination.

Feature 4: Enhanced Luminosity

Our high lumen solar luminaire module delivers 20% higher luminosity compared to standard models. This increased brightness is crucial for ensuring adequate lighting coverage in various settings, from urban streets to expansive public areas and sports stadiums. It enhances visibility and safety while optimizing energy efficiency through precise light distribution.

Feature 5: Simple Management and Maintenance

Managing and maintaining our solar street lights is effortless, thanks to their user-friendly design. This simplicity translates into a longer service life, minimizing downtime and operational disruptions. Furthermore, the lights offer a cost-effective alternative to conventional lighting solutions, reducing annual operational expenses associated with night-time illumination.

Feature 6: Versatile Applications

Widely adopted in major cities and various public spaces, our solar street lights serve multifaceted roles. They not only fulfill essential lighting requirements but also contribute to the aesthetic appeal of urban landscapes. Their ability to blend high-end design with functional superiority makes them a preferred choice for municipalities and commercial entities alike.


In conclusion, our new split solar street light embodies innovation, sustainability, and reliability. From its robust waterproof construction to its eco-friendly operation and enhanced luminosity, every aspect of the design is geared towards maximizing performance and efficiency. With a commitment to longevity and ease of maintenance, these lights represent a cost-effective solution for modern urban lighting challenges. Embracing solar energy as its power source, our product not only illuminates but also inspires a greener future for urban environments worldwide.

New Split Solar Street Light


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