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Pelton Turbine Generator
Pelton Turbine generator

of Pelton Turbine Generator,
Pelton Type Turbine-Generator Units

Type of the runners : CJA237-W-55- 250
The diameter of the runner is from 0.45m- 4.0m;
Suitable water head: H =84m- 500m;
Suitable flow: Q =0.2m3/s- 10.0m3/s
The capacity of the generator unit: 500KW- 100000KW.

Advantages of Pelton Turbine Generator,︰ It is suitable for high water head and little flow hydropower stations in mountain areas

The units have many advantages such as simple structure, wide stability and little investment


Usually we guide the installation of Pelton Turbine Generator,. We will dispatch engineers to site.(electrical engineer, mechanical engineer, control engineer and a translator according to requirement)

You need to provide following site datas:
1.Water head:___M
2.Water flow:____M3/s
3.Frequency: 50HZ/60HZ
4.Generator outgoing line voltage:__Kv
5.On-grid or Off-grid type? (On-grid type voltage:____Kv)


For more details about our Pelton Turbine Generator,, please contact Ms.Sofier


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