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A case study for Pico 5kw turbine generator

I am Akam Walvis. I live in Japan and I am contacting you because I wish to buy a Pico 5kw turbine generator +load controller from your
company. I live in Tokyo Japan but the turbine would have to be installed in Cameroon where it is expected to be used to generate electricity for a small farmhouse in a remote village some 70 km from the nearest grid.

The farm is equipped with 5 deep freezers, motor elevators with a power usage of 220 v, and a 2 kw welding machine, 7 washing machines,
Air containers, water heaters just to name a few.

The project water Head is estimated at between 10 to 18 m and the Flow rate
is estimated at 0.04 cubic meters per second. Please l will appreciate if you can provide me with the suitable type
of turbine that can be installed in this situation. That which requires little maintenance because my fear is that, since the site is
located far off from the city, in case of any problem such as damages resulting from powerful thunderstorm as well as other mechanical
problems; it may be difficult to reach out to an engineer or technician for maintenance.

This is because people working on the farm have very basic knowledge of how to operate a more sophisticated
system. So, I will like to know if your company can produce something
that runs on a belt or otherwise based on your engineering expertise.
I will like to have information concerning the price of such a complete system including the cost of shipping it to Japan


Pico 5kw turbine generator

Maximum output Good stability Hydro turbine

Hydro power Background

For taking full advantage of hydro, and reliable operation, turbine select is one of the main design task in hydro power station.

Hydro power

Theoretical power available (kw) = 9.8 x flow rate m3/s x H x Overall Efficiency 70%

Suitable for Micro Pelton Turbine

.Q=0.04 m3/s

.H=18 m

.Capacity 5kw-15kw

Models for Pelton Turbine

The dual wheel impact type and dual wheel dual jet impact type water turbine generators are applicable in places where water heads are medium and high and water flow is medium and small. There direct types and indirect types with wide applicable range.

The unit must have a firm base and a water outlet that is unhindered for water drainage.

Main Specifications for Pico 5kw turbine generator
Turbine Remarks
Model XJ18-5DCTF6-Z
Reted Head 18 meters
Rated Flow 40 l/s
Diameter of penstock 150-200mm
Power 5KW
Efficiency 80%
Generator Remarks
Model SF-5/6 Conforms to the IEC international electrician committee standard


Rated Power 5KW
Rated Voltage 240V
Rated Current 22A
FQCY 50 Hz
Rated speed 1000 r/min
Phase 1
P.F. 0.8
Altitude ≤3000m
Insulation Grade B/B
Protection Grade IP44
Ambient Temperature -25℃ ~ +50℃
Relative Humidity ≤70%
Control Panel Remarks
Safety Protection Short circuit protection
Over load protection
Over voltage protection
Packing Material Fiberboard box

120*88*115 200KG