Solar Street Light With Pole Outdoor Solar Landscape

Solar Street Light With Pole Outdoor Solar Landscape

PowerFactor >.95
Led Life 50000H
Power 60~180

Solar Street Light With Pole Outdoor Solar Landscape

Manufacturer’s commitment

1.Our group has been making street light for 20 years.

2.We have three teams of workers, over 50 in number, with experienced skilled workers.
3.We have a rigorous process for making poles and strict technical standards, with a person in charge at every stage.
4.We have many examples of huge projects at home and abroad that we can share with you.
5.We have many certificates, such as 3C, FCC, CE RoHS, etc. You can also become our agent, welcome to join us!

Product description

LED Solar Street Light

Streamlined shape design, natural dust removal, no dust accumulation, keep the luminaire clean; surface electrostatic spraying, strong corrosion resistance, making the luminaire more robust and durable.

Clip-on design, no tools are needed to open the lampshade, making the installation and maintenance of the luminaire faster.

Unique power-off protection, cut off the power immediately after opening the housing, providing safety for the construction personnel’s maintenance.

Horizontal ventilation channel design ensures even heat dissipation of the LEDs and improves the service life of the luminaire.

1.From 20W to 80W.

2.Fully integrated solar streetlight system. It comprises a PV solar panel, solar charge controller and LiFEPO4 battery combined with high-output LEDs and human infrared sensor.  Long Lifespan, Minimal Maintenance and Easy Installation. Fits on any pole or wall.

3. LiFePO4 battery with battey box to withstand the high temperature and more waterproof.

3.Switch easily among three working modes by remote control:time control mode,sensor control mode and mixed mode, choose the mode as you like.

4.What you need to do when you receive them is to put them on the pole or wall, only need 2-3 workers, life time reaches to 5-8 years, installation and maintainance costs reduced by 40%

Solar Street Light With Pole Outdoor Solar Landscape

improves the life of lamps;

Solar LED Street Light

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All In One Solar Street Light

outdoor street light pole


Why choose us?

  • Our street light products are designed to meet the needs of a wide range of customers and projects.
  • International first-class emphasizes that our Solar Street Light With Pole Outdoor Solar Landscape and services are global-oriented, and we must pursue the excellent quality of product and service.
  • Our experienced team of professionals ensures that all of our street light products are of the highest quality.
  • Of course, we are going to continue improving the service system to meet the requirements of customers, bringing health, happiness and beauty to everyone.
  • We are committed to providing our customers with the best possible street light products and services.
  • Thanks to our rich experience and excellent production technology, we are confident that our Solar Street Light With Pole Outdoor Solar Landscape can win the trust of our customers.
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