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The principle of swimming pool heat pump is to pump the low-grade heat from natural air into swimming pool water with the help of air heat exchanger. This is how swimming pool heat pump heats up pool water.


The double titanium coil heat exchanger that has independent invention patent can ensure the heat pump pool heater high heat exchange efficiency and prevent corrosion, thus its working life is longer

The heat pump technology to heat swimming pool water, which realises the separation between water and electricity. Compare with gas heater system, heat pump is flameless and has no exhaust gas. Compare with electrical heater system, heat pump is without electricity leakage risk. It is safe and green to use the swimming pool heat pump.

With stable, non-poisonous, superior performances and no

fluorine features, the refrigerant green R410A makes no

damage to the ozone layer and thus is more



1. Swimming Pool

2. Chlorinestill

3. Pump

4. Sand Filter Tank

5. Swimming Pool  Heat Pump

If you need to heat your swimming pool water, and you want to save electric cost, then our heat pump might be your best choice.

Our swimming pool heat pump characteristics:

  1. Patented high-performance titanium exchanger

Using Patented high-performance titanium exchanger,more stable performance, higher COP value, greatly resist erosion of chlorine ion in water, solid and durable.

2.Energy saving and environmental friendly

Using high-technology of heat pump, 65-80% of running cost can save compared with other heating machines(such as the fuel gas boiler, electric boilers, etc).Absolutely no air pollution, environmental friendly.

  1. intelligent design

Easy to install and operate, can choose Celsius or Fahrenheit temperature display.

4.Advanced control and easy operation

Micro computer control, LCD or LED display, super power failure memory and timing on/off function,


Flow switch built-in, automatic defrost, antifreeze protection function.

6.Safety use

Without any touch between powerful electricity and water system, assuring safety.