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In order to save natural resources, many businesses, as well as homeowners, are showing immense interest in LED street lights instead of conventional electric street lighting options.

Solar LED street lights especially have gained substantial momentum in recent years due to their tendency to provide a consistently bright flow of light at the best possible price.
With hundreds and thousands of LED street light manufacturers, it can be quite daunting for commercial, residential and industrial users to choose the best LED street light manufacturer for their street lighting requirements.


8 Things You Must Check Before Choosing LED Street Light Manufacturer

In this post, we’ll have a quick look at 8 important things you must check before choosing an LED street light manufacturer for your needs.

1.ISO Certification

ISO certification is a renowned quality-assurance certificate that is usually granted to those companies that maintain certain criteria to produce high-quality, premium products.

Make sure you check whether or not the manufacturer of LED street lights meet the standards and hold a third-party certification.

A company looking to maintain its ISO certification status will have to go through a strict audit process to retain it.

So, it’s one of the ways you can feel confident that the manufacturer you have selected is worth your money.

2.Warranty and Customer Service

Warranties are one of the most important things especially when it comes to LED street lights.

While you don’t have to pay a lot in terms of purchase or installation, it may cost you hefty if you’ll be forced to pay for maintenance or replacements every now and then.

That is why it’s extremely crucial that you choose products that come with reasonable warranties and post-purchase facilities.

Besides warranties, it’s also critical to choose LED street light manufacturer that offers impeccable customer service.

Do they stand behind their offers and respond to your queries the way they should be answered? Get in touch with the manufacturer and clear your doubts.


Regardless of the type of product you choose for your needs, one thing is certain that LED street lights are an absolute money-saver.

These lights are a long-term investment, comes in a variety of shapes, shades and specifications, and help you save a lot on your monthly electricity bills.

In fact, you can significantly reduce your carbon footprint by investing in solar-powered off-grid solar LED street lights.

Since LED street lights are relatively pricier compared to its other energy-soaking counterparts, it’s important that you choose the most reliable LED street light manufacturer to get good value for your money.


As its name implies, the purpose of street lights is to brighten up streets.

But, did you know every location has its own particular requirements?

It is therefore important that you carefully calculate the amount of light required and select a manufacturer that can perfectly cater to your requirements.

Also, make sure that your chosen LED street light manufacturer offers the most updated LED lighting solution that is adaptable and affordable.

Discuss your required specifications with the manufacturer and ask for the best possible solutions along with their best price.

This way you would be able to narrow down your list of options and choose the best suitable option for your needs.

5.Corrosion Prevention

Corrosion is a natural process that impacts almost all kinds of metals. Corrosion occurs because of the chemical reaction called oxidization.

While it’s not possible to prevent corrosion, on the whole, there are ways you can significantly mitigate this process and increase the lifespan of the LED street lights.

Try to find a manufacturer that uses premium materials that are already treated for corrosion.


No matter how well you look after your LED street lights, you have to pay additional for maintenance after a year or two.

But what if you’ll have to bear a maintenance or repair cost within the first initial months of installing street lights.

A reliable manufacturer of LED street lights will provide great products that don’t require maintenance or replacement in the very near future.

Also, they would be able to help you out with the post-purchase maintenance or replacement process.

7.Quality of Materials

Premium quality is one of the most noticeable traits of an LED street light manufacturer.

As LED street lights are accessible by the general public and they’re installed at locations where they’ll have to withstand harsh weather conditions, rains, and even snow, it’s extremely important that they’re made up of high-end great materials.

Today, you can find a huge range of LED street lights including solar options and lights with insect control mechanisms on the market that you can choose depending upon your individual needs.

Ask manufacturers about the type of raw materials used in the manufacturing process and make your decision based on those statistics.


If you’ve selected solar LED street lights for your use, you must ask questions about the type of battery used and its capacity and backup time.

Some solar LED street light manufacturers offer a 2-3 days battery backup time which is too less especially for locations with heavy rain and very little sunlight.

Ideally, you should look for the options that come with a minimum of 5-6 nights’ storage.

Having just a 2-3 days battery storage means you have to purchase a new battery after every one or two years.


Installing LED Street Lights help save a lot of energy that can eventually reduce your overall operational costs.

But, in order to get the best value for your money, you have to choose the most reliable LED lighting system.

It is therefore important to select an LED street light manufacturer that offers you the lighting solution fit for your needs and required specifications.

Make sure you pay attention to these 8 basic things before choosing LED street light manufacturer.

Last but not least, don’t forget to check out different options first and check online reviews to know about the most dependable options currently available on the market.