All in one solar street light 50w

All in one solar road lamp 50w

Model No: 50w
Solar Power: 70W
Height: 5 – 7 Meters
Lifespan: 50,000hrs

All in one Solar Road Lamp

All in one Solar Led Street Light can be installed on playgrounds, courtyards, entrances, private roads, gates, parking lot, laneways, and entrances.

Suneco All-in-one Solar Road Lamp has three major ways for intelligent street lighting. All the lamps will work automatically. There is no need for you to set by hand. Motion Sensor It can be set when someone comes near by the lamp. and group control are available.

1. Remote Monitor: All lights could be monitored real time on the screen. Malfunction would be alarmed; position, time, fault type and operation record would be reported by screen.

2. Remote control: Remote control strategy, including on-off time, time control mode, light control mode, could be done by computer in monitoring center. All lights, lights of one street or lights of one district are available to control separately.

3. Single Light Control: Each light’s on-off and dimming could be controlled. And current, voltage, power, charging rate, discharging rate, internal temperature, signal intensity are all available to control.

4. Fault Monitoring: The fault type could be monitored includes: Solar panel fault, LED Source fault, Battery fault and Controller fault. Alarm could be reported to administrator by email or other ways.

5. Safety Monitoring: To monitor and analyze abnormal database, to judge if database were stolen maliciously.

6. Illumination Set: Light control, time control and smart control are available. Light control could be set in 6 periods; illumination degree in different periods could be set up by time control.

7. Data Statistics: Energy consumption calculation, light on rate statistics, fault statistics, light on time statistics and historical data of each lamp could be checked. It provides strong data support for scientific decision.

8. Mobile APP Control: Solar street light management, including light on-off and dimming control, real time data checking and historical data are available to check by mobile APP.

All the schedule and brightness standard can be customized based on your requirement. Internet Control If it is a big project for road lighting, such as government project, the managers will need a clear supervision on all lamps.

All in one solar road lamp can be made with internet control. All lamp data (such as on and off, dimmable, work or not) can be viewed and controlled through the internet. If there is any problem of the lamps, the system will notice the manager immediately.

all in one solar road lamp 40w suneco

all in one solar road lamp 40w Suneco

all in one solar street lights 40w suneco whole sale

If you are looking for 50w All in one Solar road lamp in China, you are in the right factory.

Suneco LED Lighting is a reliable manufacturer of 20 watt and 80w all in one integrated solar street light, solar led lighting fixtures.

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Ip65 waterproof LED street light


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Product Parameter
Model: ECO-50W
LED Quantity: 240 (2235)
Module Quantity (pcs): 2
Power: 50W
Solar Panel: Monocrystalline Silicon 18V/70W
Battery: Grade A Lithium Ion Battery 30Ah/12V
Adjustable Angle of Module(±15°): Yes
Control Mode: Light Control+Time Control
Working time under full power: 12h
Working time under intelligent power: 84h
Charging time(1000W/m2) 6h
On-off threshold level: on≦8LUX, OFF≧10LUX
Secondary lighting distribution: Borosilicate
Beam Angle: C0~180 160°/ T90~270 80°
Protection Grade: IP65
Photoelectric Parameter
Color Temperature(K): 3000-6500K
CRI(Ra): 70
Lumens(lm): 6000-7000lm
Intelligent Mode: Yes
Working under rainy days: 7-10 days
Net Weight((kg): 18.5kg±5%
Gross Weight (kg): 39.0kg±5%(2pcs/box)
Product Dimension (mm): 1215×428×62mm±5%
Package Dimension(mm): 1265×227×495mm±5%
Quantity in 20/40 Feet Container(Accessories) 286/704PCS(With Pallet)
Environmental Temperature:
Discharging Temperature (℃): -20~60
Charging Temperature (℃): -20~60
Storage Temperature (℃): 0~45
Installing Parameter:
Diameter of Pole: Ø60mm
Screw Fixation: Yes
Wind resistance level(km/h): 209
Installation Height (m): 7-8
Installation Distance(m): 28-32
Irradiation Area(m2) 256
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