Customized Smart Multi-functional Lighting Pole WIth Sliding Slot

Customized Smart Multi-functional Lighting Pole

Model No: 20w-80w
:material Galvanized
Height: 3 – 15 Meters
Lifespan: 50,000hrs

Suneco smart lighting pole is multi-functional, it has the following functions:

Environmental monitoring

Equipped with environmental monitoring sensors, it can monitor PM2.5, humidity, temperature, and wind level in real-time.

Light control

High lumen led street light ,can customized wattage power, Equipped with a single lamp controller, can manage each light source well

CCTV camera Video monitoring 

High definition camera can monitor the road situation in real-time, capture illegal behaviors, and customize the face recognition system to effectively combat criminals

Multi-function console

According to customer needs, we can design emergency calls, new energy vehicle charging, mobile phone charging, and other multi-functional consoles.

EV charger and mobile phone charging

smart-pole-smart-lightsmart lighting pole

smart pole with LED display

If you are looking for 50w All in one Solar Led Street Light in China, you are in the right factory.

Suneco LED Lighting is a reliable manufacturer of 40watt all in one integrated solar street light, solar led lighting fixtures.

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Suneco Customized Smart Garden Street Light POLE with Charge Pile

Pole Material Aluminum
Patent Product Yes
Pole Height 4m Or customized
Pole Shape Round
Pole Color Black, dark grey Or customized
Pole Thickness 6mm
LED Lamp 

Remote Turn on/Off , Dimming

30W/40W 0-10V Dimming Or Customized
IP Speaker

Play Music, Emergency News

30W  Or Customized
Monitoring Camera 2 million pixels Or Customized
Emergency Call

One Button Help 

AC 7KW Charging Pile

For New Energy Vehicle

Environmental Monitor

(PM2.5\ PM10\Temperature\ Humidity\Wind Speed \Wind Direction,etc)

CITY WIFI network sharing
Smart Gateway Suneco Brand
Smart Management Platform Suneco Brand
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