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As a Solar LED Street Light products supplier since 2004, Suneco Green Energy invested in a new factory to exclusively manufacture and assemble Solar LED Street Lights in 2015. Because we make our own Solar LED Street Light parts we have a better price advantage and quality control ability than any other small Solar LED Street Light manufacturers. In only three years, Suneco has developed a strong relationship with many suppliers in different countries and has sold over 200,000 Solar LED Street Lights to satisfied customers worldwide.

Suneco LED Lighting aims to let every family afford their own Solar LED Street Light, therefore our price ranges from only $199 to $599 depending on your power consumption. We ensure a 5 years warranty for all our LED Street Light products. Also, we ship with a door to door service with very low freight cost.

Our professional support team will help you 24/7 during the whole purchase and installation process. The payment is done safely through Telex Transfer or Paypal. We initiate the order process with only 30% of the payment.

Production Process

Purchasing & Inspection
Suneco purchase LED Street Light parts for the whole lamps. For housing body, 100% visually inspected and changes are incorporated in the bulk production.
Incoming Material QC
Suneco lighting Team Inspect all incoming materials, the main parts of the lights: LED Light Source, LED power supply.
Make Solar LED Street Light by our strictly rolling process to make sure the high quality.
Use high technology welding can make sure our Solar LED Street Light can last longer time no rusting.
We have Machinery to make sure Solar LED Street Light to be at the top quality.
Suneco Solar LED Street Light Painting team inspect 100% defecting like holes, surface wrinkling, surface spots etc.
Assemble all the Solar LED Street Light parts to form the Solar LED Street Light kits.
QC Inspection
Suneco LED QC Department is composed of 5 professional technicians and a big team of numerous inspectors.
We make packages according to customer’s special requirements, Suneco LED Lighting has an extensive team are committed to individual customer solutions and ensuring quality in whatever we do.
Container delivery
Suneco LED Lighting delivery Solar LED Street Light and all their parts to the global markets. We can arrange shipping and help you to get your Solar LED Street Light safely.

Production Site

Solar LED Street Light Manufacturing Base and Production Site.
Solar LED Street Light Manufacturer and it’s production equipment
Solar LED Street Light factory and Solar LED Street Light testing lab.
Solar LED Street Light,Solar LED Street Light kit Manufacturing Base
Solar LED Street Light Manufacturer and supplier in China
Solar LED Street Light manufacturers 100% quality control for Solar LED Street Lights

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