Solar Water Heating Project

Solar Heating Project

Model No: ECO496
Power: 200W-800W
Size:  410*580*260mm


Solar Water Heating Project for Hotels, apartments, fitness centers, spas, factories, schools, hospitals and other public places need to use a lot of hot water every day and energy expenditures account for a large part of the cost.
• One-time investment in solar heating can recover investment costs in 2 to 4 years.

Community Solar heating system can be used for 15-20 years, so it is obviously to see the fixed income in the future.
• Solar heating systems are becoming popular in central heating systems.
• Suneco hot water heating system is mainly designed for central heating projects of 20 persons or more. The larger the project, the more obvious the effect of energy saving and cost reduction.

Solar Water Heating Project system consists mainly of hot water storage tanks, solar collectors, solar controllers, circulation pumps, expansion tanks, valve fittings and piping.

Solar Water Heating Project diagram

solar heating collector balcany Solar Water Heating Project

solar flat plate heating project solar hot water supply solar manifold heating project


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