Become a Dealer of Suneco Green Energy

Become a Dealer of Suneco Green Energy

Solar Heater 100L – 500L
Solar Power: 1kw-500kw
Solar Light 8w – 120 Meters
Hydro Turbine: 500W-200kW

How to become a dealer or distributor of Suneco Green Energy ?

Many people have written to us asking how to become our dealer or distributor? The answer is actually very easy: All you have to do to get started is sending us an e-mail with the following information:

1. Pick out one or more products that you feel will be a good seller for your business and include them in your e-mail. If there’s a product you would like to sell, but isn’t listed in our website, please tell us about it! We will do our best to meet you demand.

2. Your full name and address including fax and phone numbers, e-mail address. You should include your company name.

3. To get a quote from us, please have the model #, order quantity for each model, shipping destination in order to quote you properly as the shipping charges vary depending on location and order quantity. For first time order for one system, your sample price is our retail price

4. If you already have a web page, please include its address in your e-mail to us. However, we must point out that we will not deal with anyone who has offensive materials on their website.

Our company can retail all the products to private or to the distributors.

Other Dealers questions

Q: What are the benefits to be Suneco Green Energy dealer?
A: As our local dealer in your area, you can land potential customers who are attracted by our advertising.
Through our extensive sourcing channel in China and long-standing relationship with these suppliers, you can readily find quality products at a competitive price, and buying power of our bulk order quantity of our dozens of dealers
With our valuable partners, we can help you deal with regulatory, and customs services in China

Q: Can I order only one system?

A: Yes, but you can’t make a good margin for one, so we suggest you to order container load. If you keep your own stock, we drive customers over to you.

Q: Who can be your dealer?
A: Any business entity that places order to us for resale purpose, with detailed business plan, purchase schedule, and sales target (both target market and target clientele).

Q: How can I become a dealer?
A: You must have or will have a business, order from us for resale. It is advised, but not mandatory, that you will keep certain level of stock (finished goods and/or spare parts) and provide after-sale services to customers.

Q: Why do I need a business plan?
A: We will assess the market potential at your area, help you reduce investment risks, and take into consideration other sales-related issues such as advertising, marketing, and after-sale services.

Q: What should you consider to create a thorough business plan?
A: Your initial investment capital, working capital needs, and future available incremental capital
Your target markets, target clientele, and realistically estimated sales volume, both in short and long term

Your financing needs, if any
Your tax bracket and tax planning, which is largely related to your form of business, either sole proprietorship, partnership, or incorporation
The size of your business, number of employees, square feet needed for your store and warehouse, and lease arrangement and leasehold improvement
Your personal business experience that is related to the products that you will offer in you business

To start up the new business, you need carefully assess the local market potential and draft your future marketing plan to explore the target markets and clientele
You must realistically estimate the annual sales volume, the operating and financing costs, and profit margin
You must learn forehand that whether there are potential legal or regulatory constraints with regard to sales of Chinese products in your target markets, and the potential cost to deal with these issues

You should obtain as much as possible the information about existing and potential competition in the target market, the competitors’ strength and weakness, and your competitive edge to gain desirable market share
You should also learn as much as possible client need and preference, and their loyalty to existing competitors
You should consider the types of cooperation with us, either mere exclusive dealer or other forms of relationship, such as co-investment (if so, you should have in mind the potential profit-sharing schedule, and the related liability and obligation)

Q: Why do I need a purchase schedule?
A: Most of our products need 20 days or longer time for production, ocean shipment, inland shipment, and customs application. To facilitate in-time delivery, you need a plan in advance. In addition, we can also assess the future discount rate as related to the potential demand.

FCL = Full Container Load LCL = Less than Container Load
A.I. = All inclusive W/M = Weight/Measurement
CAF = Currency Adjustment Factor BAF = Bunker Adjustment Factor
THC = Terminal Handling Charge DDC = Destination Delivery Charge
B/L = Bill of Lading CHC = Container Handling Charge
OCP = Overland Common Point TVR = Time Volume Rate
PSS = Peak Season Surcharge ORC = Origin Receiving Charge
EBA = Emergency Bunker Additional CFS – Container Freight Station
H/C= handling charge  

Q: How to place order?
A: Information we will collect from you when you order
Please email the following information:
order model, quantity
Your electricity standard, voltage and frequency
shipping destination, sea port name or to door delivery
Your name
Company name
phone number
fax number
Physical address (not a P.O. box)

Q: When should I pay? Is the payment/deposit refundable?
A: After we confirm the price, you have 7 days to pay. The payment/deposit is NOT refundable, so we know we deal with serious customers only, this policy can effectively lower our prices, and benefit both sides.

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