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Solar wind hybrid street lights are an emerging trend that has gained popularity in recent years. Hybrid street lights are an off-grid lighting solution, meaning you don’t have to bear any post-fitting running costs.

As hybrid solar wind street lights are connected to the grid, the light can pass on additional power from solar panels to the standard grid.

The best thing about wind hybrid street lights is that when solar and wind power are used together, the functionality and performance of the lighting system is substantially upgraded.

Solar wind hybrid street lighting is a smart and all-inclusive street lighting system that is made up of solar modules, wind turbines, street lights, and a powerful battery with a controller.

Solar wind hybrid street lights gather energy from both solar and wind sources and store energy in deep cycle batteries to power street lights during the night.

The combination of wind and solar energies will provide a steady power flow to brighten up street lights that will last up to 20 years (though you have to replace batteries during this time).

A consistent supply of electricity is produced even in misty or cloudy weather and the lighting turns automatically on at night.


Why You Must Choose Solar Wind Hybrid Street Lights for Better Experience?

Solar wind hybrid street lights are often installed in parking lots and you’ve also observed them mounted over highways.

Users who’re looking to integrate innovative and green-technology based solutions are particularly showing immense interest in solar wind hybrid lights for a better experience.

In order to better understand the working of solar wind hybrid street lights, we must first understand the functioning of the solar energy system and wind energy system separately.

Solar Energy System

The solar energy system, simply put, is an energy-independent system that doesn’t depend on a standard grid to generate energy.

As far as the efficiency of solar panels is concerned, it entirely depends on the panel’s capacity to measure the amount of sunlight that is being converted into electricity.

Currently, some of the most efficient solar panels accessible on the market are able to convert over 23% of sunlight energy into power.

Solar power system involves three key elements including solar panels, solar photovoltaic cells, and high power batteries that can store energy.

The purpose of batteries is to store DC power during daylight and convert it into electrical energy that can be used to brighten up street lights at night.

Wind Energy System

Wind energy, on the other hand, is also one of the popular types of renewable energy sources that can be utilized to produce electrical energy with wind turbines attached to generators.

One noticeable difference between solar energy and wind energy is that solar energy can only be collected during daytime while wind energy is available throughout the day subject to your geographical locations and climate.

Broadly, wind turbines are fans comprising of 2-3 sharp blades that spin because of the moving wind. In order to work properly, the rotation axis must be in line with the direction of the moving wind.

The device also includes a gearbox that is used to convert energy from one device to the other using a high-precision mechanical system.

While there’s a huge variety of wind turbines currently available on the market, horizontal and vertical axis turbines are generally preferred by the users.

Luckily, both these energies perfectly complement each other and help users enjoy a stable and consistent power supply throughout the year.

Solar Wind Hybrid Street Lights – the Best of Both Worlds

Globally state-of-the-art technologies are progressively available and becoming more profitable and economical than ever before.

One such technology is integrating the power of solar and wind energy which is a foolproof way to make use of sustainable natural resources.

The main elements of hybrid solar wind street lights include wind aero generator, tower, batteries, controller, inverter, and photovoltaic panels.

The solar wind hybrid street light systems offer the benefits of both wind street lights and solar street lights.

Apart from low installation cost, the running and overall maintenance of hybrid solar-wind systems are comparatively cheap and they last longer than other energy-consuming counterparts.

Hybrid Solar Wind Street Lights – Benefits

A hybrid solar-wind street light system provides users with an amazing opportunity to save our valuable and scarce natural resources.

Plenty of research has already been done on this particular subject and it has been identified that solar wind hybrid street lights can provide consumers with unparalleled benefits.

Noticeably, one cannot attain those benefits unless the individual powers of solar energy and wind energy are combined to form a more powerful hybrid unit.

As you must be aware of the fact that there are many locations where there’s ample sunlight during hot blazing summer but the speed of the wind is relatively slow.

This situation changes during the cold frigid climate when there’s less sunlight but the speed of wind is remarkable.

Because of these challenging scenarios, many consumers prefer hybrid solutions to get the best value for their money.

With sophisticated hybrid solar wind street lights, users can feel confident that they will receive constant power supply irrespective of weather conditions.

An efficient hybrid system backed with a powerful battery can provide sufficient energy even in electricity outage to keep customers going. Apart from that, hybrid solar systems will harvest energy during daylight and use that energy on days when there’s less sunlight or weather is cloudy or rainy.

Hybrid solar-wind street light solutions are reliable and can perfectly work in areas having moderate to the low solar radiation level

Hybrid systems generally offer better battery life than other options. Wind turbines produce more power during the night, making it possible to directly supply the electricity and charge the battery at night

Solar wind hybrid street light systems could have optimum energy production in areas where the speed of the wind is better

Hybrid solar systems are extremely easy to install. Since these systems are quite reliable and durable, there’s no need for frequent maintenance either