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Solar Led Street Light China

170LM/W Solar Led Street Light China ENEC Certified 

Do you have any projects about solar LED street lights that not only require high quality and high lumens but also require certificates?

Welcome to view our latest split solar street lights: with a series of certificates such as ENEC, ENEC+; led street lights + solar panels, MPPT controller, achieving high energy saving and high light efficiency, lamps IP68 and IK10, lumens up to 170+ and so on.

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About this item: 

  • Wattage: 10W-320W
  • Optional lumen efficacy: 130LM/W, 150LM/W, 160LM/W,170LM/W
  • Optional CCT: 2700K-6500K
  • Open buckle design,tool-free opening operation
  • Slip fitter mount
  • CE ROHS Certified, 3-year warranty
  • Silver / Black color aluminum housing+PC lens+Glass cover 
  • Photocell sensor optional

Solar panels can be matched according to your project needs


Solar LED Street Light China: A Look at Manufacturers in China

The use of solar LED street lights has become increasingly popular worldwide in recent years. China has emerged as the global leader in solar LED street light manufacturing, with its low-cost production capabilities and extensive supply chains allowing Chinese companies to provide these lighting systems at highly competitive prices. This article will provide an overview of leading solar LED street light manufacturers in China along with their key products, technologies, and market strategies.

Introduction to Solar LED Street Lights

Solar LED street lights are lighting fixtures powered by solar photovoltaic panels and equipped with LED (light emitting diode) lamps as the light source. Some key advantages of solar LED street lights include:

  • Renewable energy source – Solar panels convert sunlight into electricity to power the LEDs, reducing reliance on the grid. This makes solar LED lights ideal for remote areas without access to electrification.
  • Energy efficiency – LEDs consume up to 80% less power compared to traditional street lighting like high-pressure sodium or metal halide lamps. Solar panels provide sustainable energy to power the LEDs.
  • Low maintenance – Replacing bulbs is not required with long-lasting LEDs. Solar panels and batteries require little to no regular upkeep.
  • Cost savings – Despite higher upfront costs, solar LED lights lead to significant cost savings in the long run from reduced energy and maintenance bills.
  • Environmental benefits – Solar LED lights have a smaller carbon footprint due to renewable solar energy and energy-efficient LEDs.

With these benefits, many cities and municipalities worldwide have embraced solar LED technology for public lighting needs. China’s manufacturing capabilities have enabled it to become a major supplier of these systems globally.

Overview of China’s Solar LED Street Light Manufacturing Industry

China is the world’s leading producer of solar photovoltaic panels, LED lighting, and lithium-ion batteries – key components in solar LED street lights. Chinese solar LED street light manufacturers utilize the country’s expansive manufacturing ecosystem for PV, LEDs, electronics, plastics, metals, battery technologies, and more in producing complete lighting systems cost-effectively.

China’s central and local governments have also provided various incentives over the years, like discounted land leases, tax breaks, and subsidies to encourage industry growth. These efforts have enabled China to achieve economies of scale in solar LED light production.

According to market research firm LEDinside, China accounted for over 80% of global solar LED street light exports in 2019, exporting over 3 million units worth $450 million that year alone. Chinese manufacturers have an enormous combined production capacity in the range of 20-30 million lights per year. The coastal province of Zhejiang and cities like Shenzhen have emerged as major production hubs.

Some of the largest solar LED street light manufacturers in China include companies like Suneco, Sunna Design, Solar Lighting International Inc., Shenzhen Solar Lighting Research Institute Co. Ltd., Jiangsu KingSun Solar Co. Ltd., Shenzhen Spark Optoelectronics S&T Co. Ltd., and more. Many of these companies not only produce finished street lights but also provide components like solar panels, LEDs, and lithium batteries to other manufacturers worldwide.

Next, we take a closer look at four of the leading solar LED street light China manufacturers supplying products globally.

Leading Chinese Solar LED Street Light China Manufacturers


Founded in 2007 and headquartered in Shenzhen, Suneco is one of the pioneers and market leaders in China’s solar LED street light manufacturing industry. The company has a production capacity of over 1 million units per year across two factories in China and offices worldwide providing distribution and technical support.

Suneco offers one of the widest product ranges among Chinese manufacturers. Their solar LED street light portfolio spans power ratings from 10W to 320W and includes smart technology options like remote monitoring and control. Some signature Sosen products include:

  • The Neo Series – An innovative line of integrated solar LED lights with the panel, battery, and lamp combined in a single housing unit, making installation quick and easy. Offered in power ratings from 80W to 320W.
  • The Vision Series – Traditional solar LED lights with separate panels, battery boxes, and lamp components for flexibility. Includes variants like the Vision-S for residential roads and Vision-L for major highways. Powers range from 20W to 160W.
  • Smart Lighting Series – Enhanced solar LED lights with smart connectivity and remote monitoring features via cloud platforms and mobile apps. Allows centralized control and data collection.

Suneco lights have been installed in numerous high-profile locations worldwide like the Los Angeles International Airport, Redwood National Park, and Jerusalem Biblical Zoo. Their vast global sales and distribution network has been key to the company’s success overseas.

solar LED Street light China manufacturer

Sunna Design

Sunna Design is a pioneer in engineered solar LED lighting solutions headquartered in France with production facilities in China. The company focuses on bespoke designs beyond street lighting like pedestrian crossings, outdoor parking, urban signage, and pathway illumination.

Sunna Design leverages a patented optical technology called LensoFlex® comprising of modular solar panels and LED arrays that can be adapted to virtually any lighting application. LensoFlex enables optimized solar harvest and photometric performance in a slim, lightweight, and long-lasting design.

Some signature products and innovations from Sunna Design include:

  • Enzo Streetlights – Elegant solar LED streetlights crafted from aluminum and tempered glass that blend aesthetically into urban landscapes. Fully customizable with numerous combinations possible for panel/light configuration, sizing, and output.
  • Sunna SIM – An advanced energy management and remote monitoring system for solar lighting networks. Provides control, reporting, and analytics via cloud dashboard apps to optimize uptime and maintenance.
  • Lighting as a Service (LaaS) – As one of the early pioneers of lighting service models, Sunna Design offers lighting design consultation, installation, maintenance, and management services through long-term LaaS contracts globally.

In the past decade, Sunna Design has delivered thousands of solar LED installations to clients like Los Angeles Metro, the City of New York, Volvo Group, and Ferrari World Abu Dhabi. Their unique blend of Chinese manufacturing capabilities and French design pedigree makes them a leading bespoke solar lighting provider worldwide.

Shenzhen Spark Optoelectronics S&T Co., Ltd

Spark Optoelectronics is one of the largest manufacturers of solar LED street and outdoor lights in Shenzhen, China’s major manufacturing hub. The company has an annual capacity of over 600,000 LED lighting units. Spark Optoelectronics produces complete solar LED street light systems as well as components like solar modules, LEDs, and lithium-ion batteries.

Some major product lines from Spark include:

  • Spark Streetlight Series – The core range of integrated all-in-one and split-type solar LED streetlights made of aluminum alloy with diffused tempered glass lenses. Pole top, side entry, and adjustable designs are available. Power rating from 40-160 watts with multiple optic options.
  • Spark Solar Home Series – Solar LED lighting systems are designed for rural and residential applications like solar home yard lights, solar gate lights, solar wall lamps, and solar floodlights.
  • Spark Solar COB Series – Specialty solar lights using chip-on-board (COB) LED technology to deliver wider viewing angles of 160 degrees and high lumen density. Ideal for squares, parks, gardens, and building entrance illumination.
  • Spark Components – Solar panels, LED drivers, heat sinks, optics, batteries, accessories, and more can be purchased separately from Spark Optoelectronics for custom projects.

Spark’s expansive production capabilities, cost leadership, and component flexibility make them a valued supplier and OEM partner for solar lighting manufacturers worldwide seeking high-quality, low-cost solar LED products made in China.

Shenzhen HeySolar Power Generation Co. Ltd.

HeySolar is a specialized manufacturer of integrated all-in-one solar LED street lights founded in 2013 in China’s Guangdong province. The company focuses on urban lighting applications like streets, pathways, parking lots, gardens, parks, and signage. HeySolar leverages vertical integration by producing key components like solar PV panels and LEDs through sister companies within the Hey Electric Group.

Some unique technology innovations by HeySolar include:

  • Custom light pole designs like spiral poles, curved poles, and adjustable angle poles expand installation options.
  • Smart solar LED lights with remote app control, auto-scheduling, power optimization, and pole angle tracking features.
  • SuperBright series lights use advanced optics to deliver very high lumen density and lux levels from smaller wattages for improved energy efficiency.

HeySolar offers a wide selection of smart all-in-one integrated solar LED streetlights from 40W to 320W power ratings. Their grow-as-you-go modular street light concept allows cost-effective expansion of lighting networks. HeySolar has supplied solar LED lighting products for customers in over 60 countries across Europe, Asia Pacific, the Middle East, Africa, and the Americas.

Competitive Edge of Chinese Solar Light Manufacturers

Solar LED street light manufacturers in China enjoy certain competitive advantages that have propelled the nation to market leadership in this industry segment:

  • Lower Production Costs: China’s enormous economy of scale in LED lighting, lithium battery, and solar PV manufacturing helps minimize production costs. Land, raw materials, and labor costs are also comparatively low.
  • Integrated Supply Chain: Availability of all key components for solar LED lights within China enables simplified logistics and supply chains. This allows assembling full systems cost-effectively.
  • Strong Export Infrastructure: China has extensive trade networks and cost-effective export infrastructure like cargo, freight, and customs clearance services that benefit exports. Manufacturers also provide support like product certification, documentation, and shipping.
  • New Product Development: Chinese manufacturers have proven capabilities in developing a vast range of products with the latest features and technology innovations catering to diverse applications and markets worldwide.
  • Business Services: Manufacturers provide additional services like overseas marketing, distribution partnerships, technical support, maintenance training, and warranty services that aid global customer acquisition.

By leveraging these structural advantages, China’s solar LED industry has established supremacy in the highly competitive global marketplace. However, maintaining cost and quality leadership amidst innovation will be key to sustaining long-term growth.

Solar LED Lighting Market Trends and Future Outlook

The global solar LED lighting market is projected to reach USD 13.4 billion by 2027 expanding at a CAGR of 13.2%, according to Grand View Research. This growth will be driven by the increasing adoption of energy-efficient and eco-friendly lighting worldwide, especially in developing economies. Big data, IoT integration, and the transition toward smart cities will create further opportunities. China will remain at the forefront to cater to this rising global demand through its unrivaled manufacturing capabilities but will face competition from emerging markets like India, Brazil, and Mexico.

Within China’s domestic market as well, the industry will continue to evolve. Increased technology innovation focusing on product customization, intelligent lighting networks, and advances in energy storage solutions will be important areas. Manufacturers that successfully blend cost leadership with cutting-edge R&D will gain a competitive advantage. Brand reputation and quality assurance will also be a priority against cheaper but unreliable copycat product companies. Compliance with higher quality and performance standards instituted worldwide like Lighting Global’s Quality Assurance Protocols will be essential for global success.

Solar LED street light installations are projected to double in China itself to around 4 million by 2025, as the technology penetrates lower-tier cities. Chinese manufacturers are therefore boosting local sales efforts, including forming close partnerships with municipal officials. They are also diversifying sales across Asia Pacific, Africa, the Middle East, and South America where demand is surging driven by rapid urbanization and electrification needs. With their continued innovation and understanding of overseas markets, China’s solar LED light producers are poised to capitalize on the immense opportunities ahead.


China has firmly established its dominance as the foremost hub for solar LED street light manufacturing globally. Cost-competitiveness, manufacturing capacity, complete supply chains, and business services have given Chinese manufacturers like Sosen, Sunna Design, Spark Optoelectronics, and HeySolar a competitive advantage worldwide. These companies offer high-quality, feature-rich and affordable solar lighting systems thanks to China’s unparalleled LED, solar PV, and lithium battery manufacturing infrastructure.

Demand for solar LED street lights is surging worldwide given the technology’s energy efficiency, low maintenance, and environmental benefits. China-made solar LED products will undoubtedly continue to drive much of this growth, especially within emerging economies. But maintaining quality and innovation edge amidst rising competition will be crucial going forward. Compliance with higher technical standards and developing smarter solutions will help Chinese manufacturers cement their leadership in this fast-evolving renewable lighting domain.


Q: What are the advantages of solar LED street lights?

A: Key advantages of solar LED street lights include renewable energy from solar panels, energy efficiency of LEDs, low maintenance needs, cost savings over time, and environmental benefits.

Q: Why is China the biggest manufacturer of solar LED street lights?

A: China’s expansive manufacturing capabilities in solar PV, LED lighting and lithium batteries allow it to produce complete solar LED systems cost-effectively. Government support, integrated supply chains, economies of scale, and strong export infrastructure also give China competitive advantages.

Q: Who are some of the major solar LED street light manufacturers in China?

A: Leading companies include Sosen, Sunna Design, Spark Optoelectronics, Shenzhen HeySolar, Solar Lighting International Inc., Shenzhen Solar Lighting Research Institute, and Jiangsu KingSun Solar.

Q: What are some key products and technologies offered by Chinese manufacturers?

A: They offer integrated all-in-one and split solar LED street lights with features like adjustable angles, smart controls, remote monitoring, and modular/custom designs using technologies like COB LEDs.

Q: How do Chinese companies support overseas sales and distribution?

A: They leverage strong export infrastructure and provide additional services like marketing, partnerships, technical support, training, documentation, certification, and post-sales maintenance for international markets.

Q: What is the market outlook for solar LED street lights globally?

A: The global market is projected to reach USD 13.4 billion by 2027, driven by energy efficiency needs and smart city trends, especially in developing nations.

Q: How can Chinese manufacturers maintain their edge going forward?

A: By continuing innovation in smart lighting, energy storage, customization, ensuring quality and performance standards compliance, and understanding overseas markets better.