Suneco LED Street Light FAQ

1.How about the replacement between LED Street Light and High Press Sodium Light?

28W, 42W LED Street Light can replace the 75W High Press Sodium Light.
42W, 56W, 70W, 84W LED Street Light can replace the 150W High Press Sodium Light.
98W, 112W., 126W, 140W LED Street Light can replace the 250W High Press Sodium Light.
154W, 168W., 182W, 196W, 210W LED Street Light can replace the 400W High Press Sodium Light.
(Detailed replacement need to base on the different brightness requirement.)

2.What is the life Span of the LED Street Light?

Normally, we calculate the lifetime of the light base on the brightness decreased.
When the brightness of the led street light decrease to 70%, we said the LED Street Light life time is finished.
If you want to get more information about our LED Street Light Brightness Decreased.
Please feel free to contact us. Thanks.

3.How many LED street lights have been installed?

More than 500,000.00 pcs of LED street lights have been installed all over the world

4.Which kind of LED chip does your LED Lighting products use?

We normally use Cree XLamp Chip or Cree LED.

5.Can I have the sample of your LED Lighting products?

Sure, you can order the sample from us. Please let us know the Model No. and the Quantity.
Normally, we have many stocks for the standard LED Lighting products.

6.Is the sample for free?

Sorry, based on our company policy, we can not supply the free sample to our client.
We prefer our client to buy the sample from us.
If you buy LED Street Lights in container, we can give you free samples with this order.

7.Any discount available for the big quantity order?

The price of our LED lights products can be negotiated if you have big quantity order or some projects in hand.

8.Can I have the own logo on the products?

We can put your own Logo on the products ,please send the Logo design to us. we will put it on the products and the packing, you will have your […]

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Catalogue download

Download the Suneco catalogue of LED Lights:
Download the above catalogue of our LED Lights, and inform us which models you are interested in?
send us email below, indicate the model, quantities, and your requirements on specifications.


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Suneco Green Energy is a specialized renewable energy company with extensive experience of project development, financing, marketing, project management and construction of green energy projects.

Suneco Green Energy offers a strong procurement and supply chain partner expertise and has excellent relationships with leading Asian manufacturers, Cleantech financiers & EPC’s enabling it to realize all aspects of green energy development.

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